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The number of self-built charging stations for polar krypton cars has exceeded 850, covering 136 cities across the country.

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On December 7, announced that it has more than 850 self-built charging stations, covering 136 cities across the country, including 406 extreme charging stations, which can provide nearly 2300 ultra-fast charging spaces. previously reported that polar krypton cars will hold a "polar krypton energy day and 2023 battery new product launch" on December 14. Slogan is "more important than gold to bid farewell to anxiety." According to the official disclosure, a new battery should be released, and there may be 800V high voltage platform and so on.

Meanwhile, Guan Haitao, chief market officer of polar krypton CMO, announced today that the first self-developed battery of polar krypton will be installed in the first extreme krypton 007 model.

At present, there is still little information about the press conference, and officials are expected to start warm-up work in the next few days.

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