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Game website was caught for spreading pornography: more than 7,000 pornographic games were seized, involving more than 1 million yuan.

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Shulou( Report-- news on December 7, according to the Ministry of Public Security Network Security Bureau news, Fujian Network Security Department recently cracked a case of the spread of pornography. In July 2023, a pornographic game called "XX Dimension" was promoted online, specially touting students during the summer vacation, according to the work of Fujian Putian's Internet security department.

The game website takes the sexy two-dimensional girl image as the setting, and slogans such as "five yuan a" and "decompress and play" are very attractive, trying to induce minors to download, and the site has been viewed as many as 2 million times.

Case police through clues combing, data analysis found that in addition to the "XX dimensional" website, there are a number of game websites with pornographic games.

Players continue to push forward the plot according to the guidelines of the game, triggering pornographic video clips or pictures in a specific plot. In addition, after paying to activate pornographic games, you can also watch obscene videos and pictures of all the games in the corresponding "CG House". noted that the cyber security departments at the Fujian, city, and county levels, together with other police forces, recently carried out concentrated arrests in five provinces and cities across the country, successfully cracked the case of spreading pornography through anime games, and eliminated a criminal gang that set up and operated pornographic games and CG animation for profits.

The operation arrested seven suspects led by Li, seized more than 7,000 pornographic games, destroyed three studios, and involved more than 1 million yuan in the case.

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