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"the Source of the Digital body" will participate in the 2023 billion Bang Future Retail Annual meeting, leading the e-commerce brand "shift road".

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Shulou( Report--

On November 29, the 2023 billion Bang Future Retail Annual meeting kicked off in Shanghai. With the theme of "New World" and sponsored by Yibang Power, the conference aims to join hands with the industry to observe the qualitative changes of the market and find the survival path of the new world at a time of the transition between new and old Internet technologies. The event brought together dozens of leading enterprises in the consumer industry to discuss and demonstrate the latest trends and achievements of retail e-commerce.

Yuanfen platform, the source of digital split, is the only digital human enterprise exhibitor with full stack AI self-research on the spot, showing the latest products and actual combat achievements of Yuanfen in the field of digital human, and launched the "digital human live one-stop hosting service scheme", which was widely concerned by the participants.

Direct attack on the spot

The atmosphere of the exhibition is warm, and the Yuan Fen booth is a major focus in the pavilion, and there is an endless stream of people coming to consult. The source of the digital split, Yuanfen introduced the audience to the full product lineup, including digital video, digital live broadcast, "meta expert", "lie down and earn broadcast", as well as the very fast copy of Digital Homo sapiens Online. When they learned that meta-identity Homo sapiens with multilingual ability could be applied to major social platforms at home and abroad, many participants expressed their admiration and took the initiative to conduct in-depth exchanges and interaction with the meta-human team. I hope to know more about the detailed scheme and application results of digital human.

Among the many products, Yuanfen's latest free "Digital Homo sapiens Online version" is welcomed by the live audience because of its extremely fast reproduction and minimalist operation. Only need to provide 1: 5 minutes of personal video, you can get your own digital avatar within 1 hour. Meta-identity Homo sapiens Online version uses Tuoyuan Wisdom fully self-developed multi-mode AI generation technology, a breakthrough to achieve digital split-day shooting, same-day modeling, same-day use, creating a "Tuoyuan speed".

Customer negotiation

In the all-day Yibang Future Retail Annual meeting, the Yuanfen team received more than 100 customers from all over the country. In addition to the old customers who have been strongly supporting Yuanfen digital human products in the past, it has also attracted recognition from new customers such as head brand channel vendors, distributors, central enterprises, cross-border e-commerce platforms, technology enterprises, hardware manufacturers and so on.

Meta-split digital people can be used in video content production, information broadcasting, e-commerce live streaming, expert consultants, shopping guide recommendations, brand ambassadors and other scenarios. During the Singles' Day, domestic and foreign brands such as beauty makeup, health products, daily necessities, agricultural products and local life rely on digital anchors provided by the "yuan split platform" to broadcast live on major e-commerce platforms 24 hours a day, with a daily GMV as high as 340000, which is half higher than that of live-action anchors. many small and medium-sized businesses use "yuan split" to start broadcasting at zero cost, bringing subversive transformation to the production efficiency of e-commerce merchants.

In addition to continuous innovation and progress in the field of digital human products in the public domain, Yuanfen is also "expanding its territory" in the field of vertical enterprises, which not only cuts into the race track of intelligent dialogue products and meets the operational needs of private domain users. at the same time, it is also deepening the awareness of digital human application scene innovation, giving play to the benchmark role of "digital split source", and promoting the construction and improvement of digital human industrial ecology.

In the tide of the digital age, the "meta-fen platform", the source of the digital split, will closely follow the industry trend, seize the development opportunities of digitization and intelligence, and pay attention to product innovation and differentiation at the same time, in order to meet the marketing needs of different businesses in different scenes, and contribute more to digital marketing in China and even all over the world!

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