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The first battery product of Guoxuan Hi-Tech joint venture factory in Thailand is officially offline: 38 kilowatt-hour battery with a range of 400 kilometers.

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Thank you, Mr. Air, a netizen of, for your clue delivery! December 7 news, Guoxuan Hi-Tech Thailand Joint Venture (referred to as NVGOTION) the first battery product officially off the line, this lithium iron phosphate battery pack with 38 kilowatt-hour electricity, a range of up to 400km, has been officially designated Nahu car, is expected to supply in bulk in the first quarter of next year.

Nashi X (nothing to do with picture and text) learned from the Guoxuan Hi-Tech official account that the Pack production capacity of the first phase of the Thai factory is planned to be 2GWh / year, and it is planned to expand to 8GWh / year according to market demand in the future. Guoxuan Hi-Tech has reached a strategic cooperation with Hezhong New Energy and has been designated for a number of car models of the company.

It is understood that NVGOTION is a joint venture between Guoxuan Tech and Nuovo Plus, a Thai new energy solution company. Nuovo Plus is mainly engaged in battery business and battery industry chain investment related business, belonging to Thailand PTT Group (Public Company Limited.).

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