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Not recommended: 779 yuan Apple Watch fine weave twill strap is accused of poor durability and easy loosening

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Shulou( Report-- December 8 news, foreign science and technology media 9to5Mac recently released an evaluation article, frankly said that the fine weave twill strap suitable for Apple Watch is also not worth buying.

The media editor Filipe Esp ó sito bought a brown finely woven twill strap, which, at the beginning of its use, also said it looked very elegant, looked very good with stainless steel Apple Watch and was very comfortable to wear.

However, it is really bad in terms of durability, wear and tear occurs in only a few days, and it will be further aggravated in the foreseeable future.

Another important problem is that this finely woven twill strap loosens easily. Esp ó sito was originally an isolated case, and a subsequent inquiry found that many users who bought a fine weave twill strap reported the same problem.

It is uncertain that the reason for the loosening may be that the worsted twill strap is slippery or the magnetism is weaker, but the comprehensive advice from the Esp ó sito experience is that consumers should not buy the worsted twill strap.

The finely woven twill strap currently sells for 779 yuan on Apple's official website. attached the official introduction as follows:

The magnetic chain strap with finely woven twill material can be elegantly wrapped around the wrist and is cleverly absorbed and fixed by mildly flexible molded magnets to help maintain stability and comfort during daily wear.

The finely woven twill material is made of durable ultra-fine twill fibers with a suede-like soft touch. This material is also designed for the sake of the earth's environment, accounting for 68% of the recycled ingredients after consumption, and its carbon emissions are significantly lower than those of leather materials.

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