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The domestic oil price has dropped for six consecutive years this year, and filling up a box of No. 92 gasoline costs 16 yuan less.

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Shulou( Report--

Thanks to net friend say good night, superSSS clue delivery! December 19 news, learned from the National Development and Reform Commission, since December 19,2023 at 24:00, domestic gasoline and diesel prices (standard products, the same below) per ton reduced by 415 yuan, 400 yuan respectively.

On average, No.92 gasoline is lowered by 0.32 yuan per liter, No.95 gasoline by 0.34 yuan per liter, and No.0 diesel by 0.34 yuan per liter. According to the average household car fuel tank capacity of 50 liters estimated that a full tank of 92 gasoline will cost 16 yuan less.

Take Beijing for example, December 19-Adjusted oil prices are as follows:

92 #gasoline 7.88 yuan per liter, adjusted 7.56 yuan per liter;

95 #gasoline 8.39 yuan per liter, adjusted 8.05 yuan per liter;

No. 0 diesel oil is $7.59 per litre, adjusted to $7.25 per litre.

This round is the 25th price adjustment in 2023, the 12th (last) reduction in 2023, and the first "six consecutive drops" in oil prices this year.

Source: Pexels

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