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OPPO unveiled at the 28th United Nations Climate change Conference with the results of the Action for Sustainable Development

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The 28th Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (COP28) is being held in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, from November 30 to December 12, 2023. This year, OPPO was invited to participate in the COP28 Leadership Interview series, which invited business leaders and pioneers from various fields around the world to share their achievements on the road to sustainable development. As an exclusive representative of the telecommunications industry, OPPO shared its experience in driving sustainable development through technological innovation. In addition, OPPO, together with Blue Crystal Microorganisms, one of the global winners of the 2023 Smile Proposal, showcased its innovative material solutions as an alternative to traditional plastics at COP28.

"Scientific and technological innovation is crucial to addressing climate change," said Liao Jinsong, president of the OPPO Research Institute."OPPO will continue to invest in sustainable development and actively explore more green technologies that can be applied to products and manufacturing." Moreover, sustainable development requires the joint efforts of more stakeholders. OPPO will remain open and invite more partners to jointly promote the process of sustainable development. "

▲ Liao Jinsong, President of OPPO Research Institute, participated in COP28 Leadership Series Interview to explore greener and environmentally friendly product innovation

For a long time, from raw material selection, product use to product recycling, OPPO has integrated environmental protection and sustainable development concepts into product lifecycle management. In 2023, OPPO promised to achieve carbon neutrality in its operations by 2050. In order to make mobile phone products more durable, OPPO self-developed battery health engine technology, based on OPPO 80W SuperVOOC flash charging technology, after 1600 cycles of charging, the remaining effective capacity of the battery is still as high as 80%, effectively extending the average service life of the smartphone battery. OPPO was named to the list of "Top 10 Most Innovative Companies in Asia Pacific in 2023" published by Fast Company, the world's top business magazine.

At the same time, OPPO also explores interesting ways for users to interact and convey environmental protection ideas to users. The recently launched ColorOS 14 has added the "Carbon Footprint Public Interest Screen" feature to the screen animation. The carbon footprint information screen has 3 built-in theme styles. The animation colors such as earth and forest can change dynamically according to the number of user steps in real time. Users can clearly and intuitively see the carbon dioxide emissions reduced by walking and cycling.

▲ ColorOS 14 "carbon footprint public welfare information screen" function global stage empowerment "OPPO smile proposal" winning team

In addition to product design and low-carbon production and operations, OPPO is also working with like-minded ecological partners to address climate change. Smile Proposal is an innovation enabling platform initiated by OPPO Research Institute, which is aimed at entrepreneurs of global science and technology innovation workers to collect and empower innovative solutions. OPPO specially added the topic of "Green Future" in the "Smile Proposal" in 2023, aiming at focusing on forward-looking solutions in the fields of environmental protection and low-carbon development, including new energy, new materials and environmentally friendly packaging.

Among these green technologies, biotechnology startup Bluepha has developed biodegradable natural organic polymers to replace plastics in packaging and more applications. Working with OPPO, Bluepha explored the material's application in scenarios such as mobile phone packaging and accessories, such as phone case. OPPO invited the Blue Crystal Microbiology team to the COP28 conference site to showcase new ways to deliver sustainable development to visitors around the world. In addition, Blue Crystal Microorganisms also attended the Roundtable Forum on "Innovative Climate Solutions for Chinese Enterprises" organized by Biosphere 3 as a representative of the winning team of OPPO Smile Proposal to share its mission, practice and vision in dealing with the climate crisis.

Bluepha showcases its green technologies at COP 28

Yu Chaoyang, Marketing Director of Bluecrystal Microbiology, shared innovative technologies at the roundtable forum

In the future, OPPO will continue to practice the concept of low-carbon environmental protection, explore more leading green technologies, provide smarter and environmentally friendly technologies and products for global users, and work with partners to jointly promote sustainable development.

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