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Yun Kuaizhong attended the GTM2023 Global Technology Travel Conference and entered the industrial innovation list.

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From December 6 to 7, 2023, the GTM2023 (sixth) Global Science and Technology Travel Conference was officially held in Beijing. At the conference, Yiou Automobile, the organizer, deeply focused on the development and evolution of China's intelligent electric vehicle (SEV) industry, and shared the development prospect of the industry with mainframe factories, parts companies, upstream and downstream supply chain enterprises, technology companies, scientific research institutions and so on. Dai Jun, chief financial officer of Yun Kuaichong, was invited to attend the meeting and delivered a speech entitled "Technology-driven Industry, Building a New Ecology of charging and Energy based on the Internet of things" at the Automotive Technology Industry Investment and financing Trends Forum.

As a new energy vehicle charging service and energy management solution provider in China, Cloud Quick charge continues to give full play to the core advantages of the Internet of things and promote the reform of energy management in the new energy market in the electrified era. In the chain of electric vehicle charging industry in China, charging equipment manufacturers and asset holders are scattered and continue to disperse, while charging station operators and charging customers also show a trend of continuous dispersion. Dai Jun said that under the current pattern, Cloud Quick Chong has obvious advantages as a supply-side aggregation platform. As of October 2023, Cloud Quick Chong has reached deep cooperation with more than 16000 high-quality charging station operators and more than 900pile enterprises. Through the full life cycle service of charging station and pile enterprise enabling service, the cloud fast charging platform is directly connected to more than 410000 high-quality charging terminals across the country, thus reaching ecological customers at all ends of the industrial chain and providing charging services and energy management solutions for more than 380 cities across the country.

In the process of business development, Cloud Quick Chong is committed to working with industrial partners to help the "double carbon" goal. By the end of 2022, the cumulative charging pile of the cloud fast charging platform can provide a total mileage of about 23.4 billion kilometers for new energy vehicles, reducing 3.8 billion litres of gasoline burning and 6.46 million tons of carbon dioxide emissions. Therefore, Yunkuachong was selected as the "2023 China dual carbon and new energy automobile industry science and technology creation star TOP10" at this conference, and was on the GTM2023 global technology travel industry innovation list.

As of October 2023, relevant data from the China charging Alliance show that the scale of the public charging terminal of Cloud Express is the largest in the country. In the future, Cloud Quick Chong will continue to uphold the original mission of "better charging and more efficient energy", give full play to the technological advantages of the Internet of things, and work with industry partners to build a new ecology of charging and energy. promote the development of new energy vehicle industry and empower the national dual-carbon goal.

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