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Xunlei member double 12 super value purchase as low as 3.4% discount super member annual card gets 3 joint members

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Thunderbolt members double Twelve to promote the attack, this activity continues the Singles Day campaign, and gives away a number of super-value joint members. Friends who want to hoard goods, this wave of activities should not be missed.

The double 12 super-value purchase activity of Xunlei member has been launched on December 1 and will last until December 20. There is no complicated way to play the activity, and you can get a value combination of 498 yuan for only 169yuan, including Xunlei super member annual card and Youku quarterly card, iqiyi sports monthly card, and listening book monthly card.

Log in to Xunlei Android and PC to participate in the activity, and iOS users can log in to Xunlei member website to participate in the activity.

New upgrade of membership rights and more ways of playing waiting for you to unlock

Recently, Thunderbolt members launched a new membership rights system, the super membership system is divided into 10 levels-SVIP1-SVIP10.

If you become a Super Thunderbolt member, you can enjoy a daily growth value of 25 points, which is the benchmark value of the member growth system. So that users can enjoy more growth rights and interests under the premise that the basic rights and interests of original members and super members remain unchanged.

Take SVIP10 as an example, users can enjoy a maximum 30TB of cloud disk space, 180 days of file retention in the Recycle Bin, 300,000 file transfer certificates, etc., and their rights and interests are significantly higher than those of the old version.

In addition to product rights, Thunderbolt members have also launched more practical life rights for users. In the new member center, we can see a new life and welfare zone, which combines with third parties to launch more affordable goods around clothing, food, housing, transportation and other aspects, while users above SVIP7 can receive more preferential exclusive living benefits.

Now Android users who log in to the member center can also receive grade welfare packages and members' living benefits for free. The specific rules can be obtained by entering the member center. The actual exchange is subject to the actual display on the page. The new member center will soon be launched on iOS and PC. Please wait for it!

Take advantage of Thunderbolt members' year-end activities, ultra-high cost-effective access to super members, taste the latest members' rights and interests, unlock more games.

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