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Lu Master Electric vehicle Intelligent Evaluation report No. 24: RideyFUN! Online, Orion 9 refreshes the list with 858 points.

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Shulou( Report--

Lu Master 24 intelligent electric vehicle evaluation ranking data come from Lu Master Wisdom Lab, and the models tested are mainstream models of mainstream brands on the market. Up to now, the number of intelligent electric vehicles tested and evaluated by Master Lu is up to more than 140, and it is still increasing and enriching.

1. Evaluation basis

The intelligent evaluation system of Lu Masters electric vehicle includes eight systems: vehicle state acquisition and management hardware system, vehicle interactive transmission system, driving assistance system, energy system, anti-theft system, ride system, intelligent entertainment system and user system. and the system and evaluation content have been improved and updated, and all scores are subject to the latest release.

The content of this issue includes intelligent ranking of electric vehicles, the tested models are all popular models of mainstream brands on the market, a total of 6, the test results are from Master Lu Wisdom Lab.

2. Test and evaluate the vehicle model

The electric vehicles evaluated in the 24th phase are No. 9 Dz110P, Mavericks SQi 2023, Yadi Guaneng DQ7, Warcraft Pesgo C, far-reaching T3 and UFO GO Z00 Air.

3. Evaluation results

Finally, according to the data evaluation of Lu Masters Wisdom Lab, No. 9 Dz110P ranked first with a total score of 858 points, Mavericks SQi 2023 and Warcraft Pesgo C ranked second and third with 540points and 354 points respectively; UFO GO Z00 Air and Yadi Guanneng DQ7 ranked fourth and fifth respectively with similar scores; and far-reaching T3 ranked sixth with 142points due to its intellectual disadvantage.

4. Evaluation process

4.1 Intelligent basic composition evaluation

In the intelligent evaluation system of Lu Master electric vehicle, the intelligent foundation is composed of vehicle state acquisition and management hardware and vehicle interactive transmission system.

The six models reviewed in this issue have a wide gap in the performance of the computing center test section, with the 9th Dz110P and the Mavericks SQi 2023 performing even better, with the 9th Dz110P scoring 213 points and winning the first place in the test. As the trump card just launched on the 9th, the 9th Dz110P is equipped with mole control function, and the commonly used OTA upgrade is equipped with light sense, seat cushion and edge brace sensors. In addition, more advanced configurations such as TCS traction control system, OPD single pedal, HHC ramp parking, constant speed cruise and nitrogen acceleration mode are also available in the new car.

The Mavericks SQi 2023 has been intelligently upgraded on the original model, and the mainframe link ability and data processing ability of the vehicle have improved obviously, which is close to the score of No. 9 Dz110P, but it has a great disadvantage in the power intelligent control system, which is also the key configuration point that leads to the loss of points in the Mavericks SQi 2023.

4.2 Intelligent scene composition evaluation

Driving assistance

Driving assistance has always been the focus of Lu Master electric vehicle evaluation, no matter when, safety is always the first place, a good driving assistance system can help enhance the user driving experience.

In the driving assistant test, the best performance is still No. 9 Dz110P, which uses the front and rear double disc brake and upgrades the front and rear bilinear ABS anti-lock lock, and the brake can be adjusted according to the palm size. In the testing process, even if the brake is full, the whole braking process ABS intervention is very early, and the whole process is constantly involved, which is more linear than before, and with the addition of the algorithm, the feel of the stroke is almost negligible.

With the improvement of braking performance, D-Series is also equipped with RSC to suppress tail warping. In special cases, emergency pinching of the front brake can also prevent the rear wheel from tilting up and causing the car to turn over, without worrying about misoperation. The front and rear shock absorbers are also upgraded, both using hydraulic damping, and the rear damping length 310mm supports five-level preload adjustment.

Warcraft Pesgo C also performed well in this test, equipped with uphill assistance and constant speed cruising, improved the convenience of daily use, gave a more practical design, and finally got 85 points and won the second place.

Energy system

The six participating models all meet the new national standard, so there is not much difference in vehicle performance and range. Among them, No. 9 Dz110P is equipped with a 48V30Ah high-energy lithium battery, the official mileage is 85km, and is equipped with a standard 4A charger. The charging time of 0-80% power is about 6 hours, or 20A fast charging is optional, which can shorten the charging time to one and a half hours.

Not only does the vehicle have a fast charge, but the No. 9 Dz110P is also equipped with an 18W PD fast charge interface, which makes the Type-C and USB dual sockets more practical. In the motor part, the Dz110P is equipped with a 12-inch full-disk motor with a rated power of 400W. Also doing well is Yadi Guaneng DQ7, which is equipped with a TTFAR extended range system to increase range and perform well in energy recovery and discharge testing projects.

Anti-theft system

The performance of the six models evaluated varies greatly in the intelligent anti-theft test. Dz110P No. 9 and Mavericks SQi 2023 are rich in anti-theft programs. Dz110P is equipped with Beidou, GPS, and base station three-mode precise positioning and blessing, while supporting inductive unlocking, NFC card unlocking, Mini Program unlocking, smart bracelets, password unlocking and voice unlocking, as well as adding family accounts and remote unlocking family cars.

The basic anti-theft performance of Yadi Guanneng DQ7, Warcraft Pesgo C and UFO GO Z00 Air is not weak, but the anti-theft scheme is relatively simple. In addition, the far-reaching T3 still uses the traditional alarm anti-theft, the use experience is poor, and the anti-theft performance is also weak.

User system

In the user system part, the smoothest user experience is No. 9 Dz110P and Mavericks SQi 2023, of which No. 9 Dz110P performs well in the car user system part. Orion features a 7-inch TFT full-fit screen with a peak brightness of 1000 nits in the same model as the E300P, which also integrates the long-awaited RideyFUN! It can operate a variety of vehicle function control options, and can realize the main functions such as listening to music, talking and navigation interaction.

Like the car, the information display on the 9th App is also very comprehensive, such as the driving track, vehicle status, user information and other displays are very detailed, the module arrival efficiency is also very high, the operation is smooth enough. In terms of link stability that users are most concerned about, the 9th has also been doing a good job, and there is no disconnection in the testing process. In addition, the main function of the App of Yadi Guaneng DQ7 and UFO GO Z00 Air is to complete the vehicle unlocking operation, which can display less vehicle information.

5. Summary

Through this issue of the test, it is not difficult to see that the 9th Dz110P has extended its advantages to the human-car interaction and intelligent entertainment system section, and only the No. 9 electric motorcycle model has scored in these two tests. In fact, compared with the electric motorcycle, the electric self has a wider audience, but in front of the No. 9 D series, this conclusion is also worrying. After all, there are three conventional models of the whole D series, of which the high-end version has two forms. Its product line covers electric motorcycle from two categories at the same time, consumers who favor electric motorcycle can save budget, and consumers who like electric motorcycle can directly enjoy the same configuration as electric motorcycle. This is a big advantage of the ninth D series model.

Therefore, starting from the 9th Dz110P, the concept of electric self and electric motorcycle has been blurred. Audiences with different car purchase needs will comprehensively consider the models covered by the budget, and will no longer be limited to electric power or electric motorcycle, and from the perspective of configuration richness and performance-to-price ratio, the target audience of No. 9 Dz110P is wider. Even excluding product attributes, the bonuses of social and brand attributes will be more obvious.

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