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Canon released a new product lighting speaker: audio lighting two-in-one, the price is 2680 yuan

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Thanks to net friend independent photographer for the lead delivery! December 8 news, Canon released a new category Canon lighting slightly, this product has both "speaker" and "lighting" two functions, the appearance is cylindrical three-dimensional modeling, aluminum alloy material and cutting technology, the price is 2680 yuan.

Canon lighting slightly upper part equipped with full-range speakers, can output low, medium and high range of full frequency band; lower part equipped with passive radiator, can present better bass for users. At the same time, the cylindrical aluminum body can suppress noise, and the sound can be diffused 360 degrees in all directions.

In addition, Canon lighting slightly operation uses Bluetooth pairing connection, Type-C charging, with up to five hours of battery life.

Canon lighting slightly lamp part adopts movable spotlight, which is different from the light illuminating the whole space. This product can illuminate specific objects and form a boundary line with the area that cannot be irradiated, forming "space cutting" and achieving accurate lighting.

In addition, Canon lighting slightly lamp, arm, main body three parts can be moved separately, one hand can adjust the lighting angle without noise, adopt a free stop structure, can be freely stopped within the movable range.

Canon lighting slightly lighting part of the use of LED lights, DC control, no stroboscopic phenomenon. At the same time, the lamp is equipped with "white" and "warm color" two light color options, and supports "weak, medium, strong" three-speed dimming function. with product parameter table:

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