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Released in 2025, Capcom predicts the new game "Monster Hunter: the Wild".

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Thank netizens Tianwang Temple Kotaro for the delivery of the clue!, December 8 (Xinhua)-- Capcom announced the launch of the "Monster Hunter: the Wild" (Monster Hunter Wilds) game at the TGA 2023 Awards ceremony, which opened today.

Capcom said it would unlock more details about the game in the summer of 2024, while the book will be officially released in 2025. This will log on to PS5, Xbox Series S | X game console and PC platform (Steam).

The "Monster Hunter Wilderness" trailer shows a large number of game images, you can see richer monsters and more realistic weather effects, and further expand the monster hunter series of maps to build a larger "monster hunter" world. The video attached to is as follows:

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