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NetEyun Music announces that student membership has been reduced to 5 yuan per month.

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Shulou( Report-- December 8 news, NetEase Yun Music today announced the launch of the student special area, launching a new student exclusive membership package of 5 yuan per month for 14-22-year-old users.

Officials said that the launch of NetEase Yun Music Student member can meet the music needs of student users, so that they can enjoy more high-quality music content and services at lower prices.

The introduction of the Yiyun Music Student membership package is as follows:

The NetEYun Music Student membership package includes more than 20 privileges, including member music library, lossless sound quality, member sound effects, free monthly downloads, VIP exclusive personality, and so on. Through real-name authentication, users who meet the requirements for participation can search for "student members" in NetEase Yun Music App or open in the member center.

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