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"Gang Lan" was launched today, becoming the first new game based on HarmonyOS NEXT.

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Today, the brand-new flagship work "Gang Lan" from BlackJack Studio of Zilong Game was launched in Huawei Game Center, and announced that "Gang Lan" completed the native application development of Hongmeng, becoming the first new game based on HarmonyOS NEXT development, which not only further enriches the content of Hongmeng ecological chess games, but also is an important progress in Hongmeng ecological game content construction, and injects more fresh blood into Hongmeng ecology.

As the head player of the chess category track, Zilong Game has cooperated with Huawei Game Center for 8 years, and the two sides have cooperated closely at all stages of the game life cycle, bringing users a large number of popular style chess games, among which, joint automated game testing was carried out in the development process of "Dream Simulation War" and "hijacking of Heaven and Earth: the return of Youcheng".

As a highly anticipated new tour, Gang Lan creatively combines chess play with the theme of soldiers. According to industry evaluation, this is the first original chess game in the real sense. This time Huawei Game Center once again joined hands with Zilong Game to complete the development of Hongmeng original application of "Gang Lan", bringing players a more real and enjoyable game experience. The two sides jointly debug Ganglan based on Unity engine and Ark graphics engine, improve data processing efficiency through instruction stream streamlining and reorganization, perform geometric culling and time-space load reduction to further improve graphics rendering effect, reduce GPU load, achieve game performance optimization, and present a finer machine armor model and smoother mirror operation effect.

With the development of high-quality games and the increasing upgrading of players' game demand, based on the ability of full scene multi-terminal coverage and AI large model, Hongmeng system can bring more game scenes and traffic growth opportunities for games, especially the first new games: on the one hand, meta-services are explicit through card-based information, such as in-game check-in reminders, large-scale events and other contents are presented on a negative screen or desktop through meta services. Bring more convenient game experience for players On the other hand, under the premise of ensuring users' security and privacy, the AI model can identify users' intentions, achieve accurate service delivery, achieve omni-directional user access to the game, and promote user transformation.

On September 25, Huawei officially announced that the new HarmonyOS NEXT was ready to launch and Hongmeng native applications were fully launched, and launched a comprehensive cooperation with developers and partners in 18 fields, including games. As of September 30, 2023, the number of devices in Hongmeng has exceeded 700 million, and more than 2.2 million developers have been involved in the development of Hongmeng. Games such as "Qiannu Ghost", "Happy Xiaoxiale" and "three Kingdoms Kingdoms" have announced the completion of Hongmeng's original application development. More and more game partners are actively embracing Hongmeng system to create and share the prosperous ecology of "Hongmeng Qianfan Qi".

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