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Google updates Notebook LM AI note-taking app to add the latest Gemini Pro model

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Shulou( Report--, December 8 (Xinhua)-- Google launched Notebook LM at the I / O 2023 conference in May, an AI note-taking app that can generate summaries of users' notes and other content that requires registration to be used.

Google has updated the AI note-taking app, mainly adding the latest Gemini Pro model, and announced that it will expand the scope of the application, so that interested friends can click here to visit the project registration portal.

Google claims that Notebook LM now uses the Gemini Pro model to more quickly add summaries to files uploaded by users, answer users' questions about files, and generate insights based on the context of users' notes.

▲ Notebook LM interface also notes that Google does not rely solely on a single Gemini Pro model to drive Notebook LM applications. Google claims that developers use a series of models such as PaLM 2 to ensure that users can get a quick and appropriate response.

‎ Google also stressed that NotebookLM is still an "experimental product" and called on users to check their own materials and AI's claimed content. However, NotebookLM will display the corresponding citations of the original file in the generated content to simplify the fact-checking process.

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"Google launches AI note-taking application NotebookLM, which can complete summaries and create ideas around users uploading documents."

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