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New breakthroughs in flexible robot sensors for simultaneous sensing of deformation and temperature

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Shulou( Report--, December 9 (Xinhua)-- flexible robots are an important development trend of industrial robots, which can solve the shortcomings of traditional industrial robots such as production and assembly, and can be extended to a wider range of scenarios such as auxiliary medical and commercial services.

Flexible robots usually need to sense mechanical deformation and temperature changes at the same time, which requires the integration of multiple sensors, which not only increases the cost, but also reduces the sensing efficiency.

The Swiss EPFL Institute has recently developed ChromoSense technology, which can sense deformation and temperature at the same time through a simple and durable discoloration device.

ChromoSense uses a translucent rubber cylinder with three dyed red, green and blue parts. The LED at the top of the device sends light through its core, and when the device bends or stretches, a small spectrometer at the bottom can capture changes in the color path to detect deformation.

In addition, the ChromoSense also has a heat-sensitive part, using a special dye-similar to that on a discolored t-shirt or mood ring-that reduces color saturation when heated.

With further development, ChromoSense can be used not only for soft robotics, but also for wearable technologies such as force sensing assisted exoskeletons or performance monitoring sportswear. attached the reference address of the paper: Baines, R., Zuliani, F., Chennoufi, N. et al. Multi-modal deformation and temperature sensing for context-sensitive machines. Nat Commun 14, 7499 (2023). Https://

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