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"Guide to the Protection of personal Information and Rights and interests of Children's smartwatches" openly solicit comments: it is recommended to set up an one-button bullying protection function.

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Shulou( Report--, December 9 (Xinhua)-- the China Cyber Security Industry Alliance recently announced that the technical specification "guidelines for the Protection of personal Information and Rights and interests of Children's smartwatches" developed by the organization has completed a draft for public consultation from December 4 to 10. Note: the Guide contains seven chapters and makes recommendations for children's smartwatch manufacturers in the following areas:

The Standardization and right guarantee of dealing with personal Information

Children's personal information security

Default privacy and protection

Guardian control

Operating system and application security

Network information content security

New technology and new application security

The Guide states that factors that children's watch makers need to consider include setting sufficient functionality in the guardian control application to ensure that the guardian can properly control the specific operations of the child's smartwatch, such as dating functions, in-app payment, content delivery functions and other operations that may involve sensitive personal information or sensitive content.

The Guide gives some examples, including setting daily or monthly payment limits, setting payment passwords, prohibiting quick payment functions such as secret-free payment, and prohibiting pre-recharging and automatic renewal on the watch side.

In the section "Cyber bullying Prevention" in "Network Information content Security", the Guide proposes that if children's smartwatches involve information exchange and information release functions, it is necessary to establish a cyber bullying prevention mechanism, including the establishment of a sound early warning prevention, identification, monitoring and disposal mechanism for cyber bullying.

At the same time, it is appropriate to set up an one-button bullying protection function to facilitate children and their guardians to quickly block cyber bullying information, and to mark accounts suspected of participating in cyber bullying and bring them into classified management. through the promotion of cyber bullying harm knowledge, cyber bullying news and other ways to guide them.

In addition, the Guide proposes that if children's smartwatches use generative artificial intelligence technology, the factors that manufacturers need to consider include:

Strengthen the management in accordance with the interim measures for the Administration of generative artificial Intelligence Services, and perform the procedures for filing, changing and canceling the filing.

Carry out safety assessment of generative artificial intelligence in accordance with relevant national regulations, and can only be used online after passing the assessment.

Provide guardian control function or guardian control application, and turn on the anti-addiction mechanism by default. When the guardian is configured for the first time, the guardian is forced to set the management password.

Limit the number of conversations per day and the duration of conversations. If you exceed the number or time of use, you need to enter an administrative password.

Filter the content that is not suitable for children and only show the content that is beneficial to physical and mental health.

The corpus data trained by generative artificial intelligence algorithm does not have any characteristic data that can identify individuals.

Do not collect children's biometric information (such as face data, voiceprint data) for algorithm training

The data analyzed and processed by generative artificial intelligence do not disclose children's personal information or identifiable features.

According to 21 Finance reported today, the guide compiling team said in an interview that there are hidden dangers in children's watches, such as disclosure of privacy, induced consumption, insufficient restrictions on entertainment content, lack of parental education, and so on. It will have an impact on the protection of children's personal information and online rights and interests.

The team also said, "it is of great significance to strengthen guardians' control over children's smartwatches."

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