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Recommended player SSD, Naoki Yoshida said that the PC version of the "final Fantasy 16" game will include 2 DLC

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Shulou( Report-- December 9 news, Yoshida Naoki recently accepted the Japanese game media Famitsu interview, revealed that the PC version of the "final Fantasy 16" game will include two DLC content, but still did not disclose the specific release date of the PC version. previously reported that Square Enix confirmed in September that it would launch a PC version of the final Fantasy 16 game, which showed off many new ways to play the final Fantasy 16 game at the TGA 2023 Awards ceremony held yesterday.

Square Enix also released an update of 1.002.001 yesterday for final Fantasy 16, a patch the size of which is 10.75GB.

In addition, the first DLC "residual sound of emptiness" has been launched, which is about the size of 8.47GB. In the DLC, Clive and his buddies will face new threats and the darkest places, as well as huge leaders.

Square Enix also plans to release its second DLC, "Wailing of the Sea," in the spring of 2024, against the backdrop of glowing green areas against enemies such as King Thornberry.

The two new DLC of final Fantasy 16 are both paid content, and Square Enix provides an extended pass for players to buy bundles at a partial discount.

In addition, Naoki Yoshida discussed the PC version of the game and its system configuration in the interview. Due to the high loading speed of the final Fantasy 16 game, players are recommended to use SSD solid state drives.

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