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Intel Ruixian graphics card harvest year: software and hardware continue to improve, AI applications continue to "out of the loop"

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Shulou( Report--

2022 is the first year of Intel Arc sharp graphics cards, and the upcoming 2023 is undoubtedly the mature year of sharp graphics cards.

Within two years of its birth, Intel's sharp graphics cards grew rapidly, faster than anyone expected.

[Hardware Update: Professional, Desktop Dual Attack]

In March 2022, the sharp graphics card officially appeared, starting on the laptop mobile end.

In June 2022, Sharp graphics card first appeared on the desktop, namely A380.

In August 2022, sharp graphics cards entered the graphics workstation, desktop, notebook full coverage.

In September 2022, Sharp Graphics opened up a high-end battlefield and A770 was born.

In just half a year, Sharp graphics cards have basically completed the layout of the entire product line, and the speed has never been seen in the history of graphics cards.

In 2023, Sharp Display continued to advance rapidly and expand its territory.

In June, Intel added new professional graphics cards for graphics workstations, Sharp Pro A60, Sharp Pro A60M, plus the previous Pro A50, Pro A40, Pro A30M, Sharp graphics cards provide a wealth of options for professional creation.

Sharp Pro A60 /A60M are equipped with 16 Xe cores, 16 light chasing units, up to 12GB GDDR6 large memory, four DP interfaces can support four monitors and support HDR, Dolby Vision, very suitable for CAD / CAM, AI reasoning, media processing and other workloads.

As a professional graphics card, Intel will also insist on software application certification in the construction, engineering, design, manufacturing and other industries, so that professionals can use it at ease and comfort.

In October, Intel brought a brand-new sharp A580, facing the mainstream desktop market, completely completing the layout of sharp graphics cards on the desktop, achieving full coverage of high, middle and low ends.

Sharp A580 is equipped with 24 Xe cores, 24 optical pursuit units, frequency 1.7GHz, with 8GB GDDR6 large capacity memory, power consumption is only 134W.

It can meet the smooth experience requirements of 1080p games, support XeSS hyper-segmentation technology through the built-in XMX AI engine, further improve frame rate and image quality, and provide excellent performance in other AI workloads, such as the popular Stable Diffusion, and of course, AV1 hardware codec.

ASRock, Blue Halberd, Shake and other partners 'sharp A580 graphics cards have been available, the price is as low as 1500 yuan, the cost performance is quite outstanding.

[Driver Upgrade: Chicken Blood Performance Soars]

For GPU graphics cards, if the hardware is the body, the driver is undoubtedly the soul.

No matter how good the hardware design is, if the drive coordination is not in place, it is only an empty shell. Only by constantly improving and optimizing the driver can the potential of the hardware be fully tapped.

In this regard, Intel is undoubtedly an excellent representative, sharp graphics card released after the upgrade driver all the time, every quarter makes people feel old look new.

During the first quarter, Intel continued to optimize DX11 and DX12 games on the one hand, and focused on improving DX9 game performance on the other hand.

As of February 2023, through eight driver updates, the DX9 performance of the sharp graphics card has improved by an average of 43% compared to the launch, and the frame rate of popular games such as CSGO has even exceeded 300FPS.

1% minimum frame performance is improved by as much as 60%, directly reflected in less stutter, smoother game.

Intel also provided starter driver support for more than 21 new games or major game updates, and more than 35 games supported XeSS superscores.

By the end of May, Intel had completed 21 version driver upgrades, providing first-day updates for up to 42 games, increasing XeSS games to more than 50, and upgrading XeSS version 1.1.

By the end of August, Intel has released more than 30 driver versions accumulatively. DX11 game performance has increased by 19% on average, fluency has increased by 20% on average, and game masterpieces such as Overwatch Pioneer 2 have increased by 33% and 45% respectively, showing what is called "chicken blood drive" again and again.

The number of games that received driver support immediately after launch increased to 57, and XeSS supported more than 70 games.

At the same time, Intel also offers a brand-new design PresentMon tool, as well as a heavy function GPU Busy, which can measure GPU rendering time, CPU and GPU balance relationship, so that developers can optimize the game, so that players can enjoy the best settings and experience.

Now near the end of the year, I believe Intel will soon send a new "happy news," no matter the game performance or game compatibility, support strength will go up a big step.

[Application Expansion: Omnipotent in AI Era]

For today's GPU graphics cards, playing games is only the most basic ability, and there are too many things to do, especially in the wave of AI era, GPU plays an increasingly important role.

At the Shanghai Expo in November, Intel focused on a number of new applications for sharp graphics cards, which was refreshing.

In terms of AIGC, sharp graphics cards can run large language models locally, and can also be used with Core processors to quickly and smoothly complete applications such as Wensheng, Wensheng, and Graph on AI PC.

The easy implementation of Style 3D replacement through sharp graphics allows AIGC to open a new window in the field of fashion design.

Smart cockpit based on sharp graphics card and Core processor, with powerful computing power, users can also enjoy 3A game masterpieces in the car, and can also let large language model applications leave the cloud and walk into the car. Intelligent assistant is smarter.

The most special one is in the field of wisdom. Intel cooperates with Zhongshan Hospital affiliated to Fudan University and other partners to create a "boundless" virtual meta-clinic, which enables digital doctors to execute the instructions of real doctors remotely and in real time, and also provides intuitive, smooth and real-time interactive multi-view video communication for both doctors and patients.

Serving a better life, this should be the original intention and motive force of the development of science and technology. Intel's sharp graphics card can be said to be practiced quite well, and I believe that with Intel's continuous efforts, sharp graphics card can also contribute its own strength in more fields.

[More possibilities: from Asian Games to electric competition]

In addition to improving its technical capabilities, Intel's sharp graphics cards are actively exploring more possible industry cooperation and constantly "out of the circle."

This year, the 19th Asian Games landed in Hangzhou. E-sports became an official competition event for the first time. Medals were included in the national medal list. Intel sharp graphics card also became the official designated graphics processor of Hangzhou Asian Games, cheering for every e-sports dream.

In addition to the two technologies of Bridge Technology and Celadon, China Mobile Migu Video Android App will be transplanted to the computer to provide a brand-new viewing portal, Intel also launched the Asian Games co-branded sharp A750 graphics card jointly with Blue Halberd. The artistic design makes people want to stop.

This year, Intel has also become the official special partner of the "Fearless Contract" professional competition in China, not only providing support for the launch of the national service, but also ensuring the high performance, high stability, low latency of the player experience from the cloud to the end. The sharp graphics card has become the official recommended graphics card for the "Fearless Contract" Masters.

As a partner, Blue Halberd also launched the Arc A750 with the theme of "Fearless Contract" simultaneously, which made fans excited.

In the discrete graphics card market, Intel is undoubtedly a new player, relying on years of industry accumulation, step by step to open up territory, but the so-called "newborn calf is not afraid of tiger," Intel from the beginning showed full sincerity.

Whether it is the active layout of hardware products, or the continuous iterative optimization of software drivers, whether it is the continuous breakthrough of application scope, or the successive circles of industry cooperation, Intel sharp graphics cards never stop moving forward, never limit the possibility of exploration.

It was this sincerity that made more and more friends and players like sharp graphics cards. It may not be perfect, but I believe in front of it, is a Avenue of Stars.

Because the world always needs more possibilities.

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