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Fairphone 5 gets a full iFixit maintenance score, making it an "outlier" in the mobile phone industry.

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Shulou( Report--, December 10 / PRNewswire-FirstCall-Asianet /-- iFixit, a well-known maintenance website, recently released the maintainability score of Fairphone 5. As expected, the phone performed well and scored an unprecedented score of 10, which is unmatched by any mobile phone manufacturer except Fairphone.

IFixit is known for producing product maintenance guides, advocating maintenance rights laws, and scoring maintainability for all major smartphones. It previously scored 4 points for the iPhone 15 series (not recommended) and only 6 points for the Pixel 8 Pro. In the environment of declining maintainability of smartphones, Fairphone has bucked the trend and set a precedent. noted that the hallmark of the Fairphone 5 is its rear cover design, which can be easily removed without any tools. In addition, the battery can also be replaced by a simple pop-up, similar to the flip and slide phones of the past.

In fact, these designs are already commonplace for Fairphone, so what are the new breakthroughs in Fairphone 5? First of all, the new generation of camera modules have been improved in terms of performance and maintainability. Now each camera lens can be replaced separately, while the Fairphone 4 camera sensor needs to be replaced as a whole once the camera sensor is damaged.

In addition, Fairphone also split the motherboard of the Fairphone 5, using a combination of motherboard and daughter board, which is similar to some recent flagship computers and can accommodate larger batteries. According to iFixit, this is also the reason why Fairphone chose this layout.

What is impressive is that Fairphone 5 has a perfect maintainability score even with its sub-board design. IFixit found that although some warning tags were added inside Fairphone 5, they were not designed to prevent users from disassembling the device, but to prevent users from accidentally damaging the device while repairing the phone.

IFixit also pointed out that although the sub-board design does not affect maintainability, the core module of Fairphone 4, or motherboard, has never been sold separately. This is mainly due to the international regulations on the IMEI number of cellular equipment, which makes it very difficult to provide a replacement motherboard with an independent IMEI number.

Currently, the biggest obstacle to repairable Fairphone 5 is that fingerprint sensors cannot be purchased separately. For niche devices like the Fairphone, it is also very difficult to find the right used parts.

All in all, the Fairphone 5 is a different phone, and with its maintainability score of 10, it may be an ideal choice for maintenance rights supporters.

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