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Tesla Cybertruck "Foundation Series" configuration announced that it will be fined $50,000 for resale within one year.

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Shulou( Report-- news on December 10, a recent video revealed Tesla limited edition "Foundation Series" Cybertruck order configuration, the car has been booked.

Earlier, some subscribers received an invitation to order from Tesla, including Whole Mars Catalog channel anchor Omar, who shared a video about Cybertruck configuration on Saturday morning.

The video shows how the order Configurator works. After entering the configuration page, the Configurator displays the dual-motor all-wheel drive version, starting at $99990 ( Note: currently about 717000 yuan) and the three-motor Cyberbeast version priced at $119990 (currently about 860000 yuan).

Tesla gives priority to delivering Cybertruck to users in California and Texas, with a dual-motor version expected to be delivered between this month and March 2024, and a three-motor Cyberbeast version expected in early 2024.

The configurator also details Cybertruck's on-line steering system, high ground clearance chassis and suspension, as well as an optional range expander, which is located in the container and can increase range to approximately 470 miles (approximately 756.39 km). The battery life expander is not yet on the market and production is expected to start by the end of 2024.

The video duration is more than 19 minutes. More information such as Powershare function, FSD Beta and so on of Tesla Cybertruck is introduced in detail.

Here are some of the main differences between the "Foundation Series" Cyberbeast and the dual-motor version of Cybertruck, as well as the contents of any "Foundation Series" order, details are as follows:

Dual motor Cybertruck: dual motor, all-wheel drive

Estimated mileage of 318 miles (about 511.77 km)

The estimated mileage of using all-season tires is 340 miles (about 547.18 km, available in 2024)

0-60 mph acceleration time 4.1 seconds

Top speed 112 mph

600 horsepower

7435 lb-ft torque

11000 lb towing capacity

Cyberbeast three-motor Cybertruck: three-motor, all-wheel drive

The estimated mileage of using all-terrain tires is 301 miles (about 484.41 km).

The estimated mileage of using all-season tires is 320 miles (about 514.99 km, going on sale in 2024)

0-60 mph acceleration time 2.6 seconds

Top speed 130 mph

845 horsepower

10296 lb-ft torque

11000 lb towing capacity

"Foundation Series" Cybertruck includes: limited edition configuration

Laser etching of "Foundation Serie" badge

"Foundation Serie" interior decoration pattern

20-inch Cyber wheels with 35-inch tires

White interior decoration

Cross-country lamp strip

Advanced accessories

Powershare household backup power supply

Powershare Mobile Connector

FSD Beta function

Life-long advanced network connection

Some users also found that Cybertruck's order agreement included an one-year "no resale" agreement. The agreement first appeared in the owner's manual of other Tesla models last month in the "Cybertruck only" section. After the agreement was exposed, paragraphs about the agreement were quietly deleted from the user's manual, making some wonder whether Cybertruck owners would be bound by the agreement.

Now, a no-resale agreement can be found in Tesla Cybertruck's order configurator, which says people who try to resell a vehicle within a year could face legal fines of up to $50000 (currently about 359000 yuan).

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