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Feishu ushered in the first main iron and steel enterprise, Yongzhuo holding ten thousand people on Feishu

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On December 10, Jiangsu private enterprise pioneer Yongzhuo Holdings announced: all the staff on the fly book, about 10,000 people. Yongzhuo Holdings is a diversified industrial group based on iron and steel manufacturing, covering new energy, new materials, logistics, trade and other fields.

Wu Rui, vice president of Yongzhuo Holdings, said, "Flying Book, as a digital tool for iterative updating, is designed to further break the departmental wall, promote seamless communication across departments and regions, and achieve 'response to everything'. Help the group to establish a digital system in line with the reality of enterprise development."

Yongzhuo Group, the predecessor of Yongzhuo Holdings, is a village-run enterprise founded in 1984. It is located in Yonglian Village, Zhangjiagang City, Jiangsu Province, which is known as "the first Steel Village in China". It ranks 81st among China's top 500 private enterprises. After 40 years of development, Yongzhuo Holdings has gradually developed into an enterprise group with the coordinated development of iron and steel, new energy, new materials, trade and other diversified industries. Wu Rui believes that "only by actively embracing the digital transformation can we more effectively support the group's production and operation, decision-making management, and so on, and effectively consolidate the soft power of enterprises."

In the past, although the business of Yongzhuo Holdings used "Yongzhuoyun" as the unified office base, the actual work of tens of thousands of employees still cooperated in the interlaced use of Wechat, phone, office suite and so on. Wu Rui said, "with the launch of Flying Book, it will also push us to change our working methods and management thinking. I hope that all employees will actively step out of the comfort zone, embrace new technologies, actively integrate into the construction and application of Flying Books, optimize their working methods, and build a more efficient organization."

In 2024, Yongzhuo Holdings defines itself as the "year of business promotion", that is, it should pay attention to input-output value and efficient management. According to Wu Rui, "while looking inside, you should also look out." And Feishu is Yongzhuo Holdings "look out", through continuous analysis of advantages, and finally found the performance management partner.

Today, in the face of the complex market environment and competitive situation, Yongzhuo Holdings is speeding up the transformation and upgrading, the layout of diversified industries. Therefore, "business promotion" has become an urgent goal. For the demand of such efficient management, Yongzhuo Holdings needs a strong working platform with unified organization, unified application, unified data and business collaboration, which can be promoted in the mode of group integration and realize the digitization of collaborative work between Yongzhuo Holdings and its subsidiaries.

He Bin, vice president of Flying Book, said, "Digital construction is not an overnight job, but a project that requires long-term investment and operation." Starting from December, we will deepen the application of Flying Book scenarios, including multi-dimensional tables, knowledge management, help desk construction, and so on. In the longer term, we will gradually introduce process automation and integration scenarios to integrate business into Flying Book products, mainly exploring to digitize commonly used workflows and business processes and integrate them with more systems. to achieve seamless data transmission and automatic operation, through the last kilometer. "

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