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8999 yuan → 6624 yuan: vivo X Fold 2 folding screen mobile phone new low

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[updated at 14:00 on December 12: the event has been sold out in all areas except Yunnan, Guizhou, Sichuan and other places]

The vivo X Fold2 will go on sale on April 28 this year, with official pricing starting from 8999 yuan.

Today, 's self-operated direct drop of 1500 yuan, superimposed live studio 500 yuan time-limited coupons + Dongguan 9.5 discount coupons, the actual payment of 6624 yuan a new low.

First get a 9.5% discount Dongguan consumption coupon: click this coupon (if there is no coupon, you can get the live coupon below first, and then get the coupon at 10:00).

Click on the card below, click on the upper right floating window "Live" →, click on the shopping bag → in the lower right corner to search vivo, and you can get a 500RMB coupon: vivo X Fold2 12+256GB folding screen mobile phone double coupon overlay 6642 yuan 10 yuan coupon double stack 6642 yuan + 12-period interest-free:

In terms of appearance, the machine provides Huaxia red, azure blue and string shadow black three colors, glass folding thick 12.9mm, unfolding thick 6.4mm, weighing 279g; plain leather folding thick 13.2mm, unfolding thick 6.67mm, weighing 278g.

The machine carries Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 SPU mobile processing platform ( note: SPU is a custom security chip, compared with the ordinary version with additional security features, such as stealth mode and atomic privacy system), supplemented by LPDDR5X memory + UFS 4.0 flash memory, but also has a self-developed V2 image chip. In terms of heat dissipation, the machine uses ultra-wide area intelligent heat dissipation, 2558mm ²VC homogenizing plate + nano heat conduction gel to dissipate heat.

In terms of display, the machine uses an 8.03in 2160 × 1916resolution 120Hz refresh rate (LTPO 4.0) AMOLED inner screen (with a ratio of 4AMOLED 3.55), Samsung E6 luminous material with peak brightness up to 1800nit, using Schott UTG glass cover plate, superconducting anti-reverse coating, supporting multi-angle hover, 3D ultrasonic screen fingerprint, through SGS low blue light eye protection certification. The machine also uses a 6.53 inch 2520 × 1080 resolution 120Hz refresh rate AMOLED micro-curved surface outer screen, which is also Samsung E6 luminous material, peak brightness 1600nit, supports 3D ultrasonic screen fingerprint.

In addition, the aircraft self-developed aviation grade water drop hinge, using FS54 aviation grade steel + carbon fiber + IPC plate, through the Rhine 400000 fold worry-free certification, can achieve 60-120 degree hover.

In terms of image, the outer screen of the machine has a front 16MP (Hynix Hi1634Q,1/3 inch) lens, an inner screen front 16MP (Hynix Hi1634Q,1/3 inch) lens, and a rear 50MP master camera (Sony VCS IMX866,1/1.56 inch, OIS) + 12MP ultra wide angle (Sony IMX663,1/2.93 inch) + 12MP (Sony IMX663,1/2.93 inch, 2 times) portrait lens, equipped with self-developed image chip V2. The full range of rear lenses are equipped with Zeiss T* coating and support Zeiss Cinematic movie mode.

In other aspects, the machine has a built-in 4800mAh battery, which supports 120W wired fast charging, 50W wireless fast charging and 10W reverse wireless charging, standard X-axis linear motor, stereo double Yang, three microphones, infrared remote control, NFC, Wi-Fi 7, wireless lossless Hi-Fi, and independent mute keys. Pre-installed OriginOS 3 system (comes with intelligent conference assistant, global translation, PC remote control, Dock bar multitasking, etc.). vivo X Fold2 12+256GB folding screen phone double coupon superimposed 6642 yuan coupon 10 yuan coupon

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