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Win10 / Win11 version of Arc browser opens Beta test, more than 500000 people "watch"

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Thanks to netizens zerodert, coal ball small thorn, Aki maple for the delivery of clues! December 12 news, The Browser Company announced that in the form of Beta beta, Windows client users will be invited to experience the new Arc browser.

The company said it had attracted a large number of users since the launch of the limited edition test in January, saying in a tweet in September that there were more than 500000 users on its waiting list.

The Browser Company, which is supported by Thrive Capital, did not specify a list of features for the Windows version in the latest test announcement, but mentioned that features such as Peek (hover Web Preview) and Mini Arc are being developed. reported in May that Arc Browser is a Chromium-based browser that has some popularity on the macOS platform.

Arc uses a different user interface from mainstream browsers, with a left sidebar called Arc Library, which provides access to productivity tools such as Spaces, Today tags, Pinned tags, favorites, easels and notes.

One of the highlights of the Arc browser is the command bar, which allows you to quickly perform cross-tab searches, open new tabs, navigate to another page, open split-screen views, access developer tools, and so on.

The interesting thing about Arc for Windows is that it is built in Apple's Swift programming language. In the video, it is pointed out that using Swift has certain advantages over using C++ as the language. The team also plans to open source code for Arc browsers.

Users can participate in quiz activities to increase the chances of passing the candidate list. Try the address:

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"built in Apple's Swift language, it is reported that Arc browsers will be available on Win10 and Win11 platforms as soon as June."

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