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Changan Qiyuan A07 adds two new pure electric models to the market, starting from 167900 yuan

2024-02-27 Update From: SLTechnology News&Howtos shulou NAV: SLTechnology News&Howtos > IT Information >


Shulou( Report-- December 12 news, Chang 'an Qiyuan A07 new two electric models listed, respectively sold at 167,900 yuan, 179,900 yuan, the new car continued the overall design of the model on sale, the configuration has been adjusted. As a reference, the official guidance price of Chang 'an Qiyuan A07, the five models previously on sale, was 155,900 - 176,900 yuan.

The new model is consistent with the modeling design of Chang 'an Qiyuan A07 on sale. Its appearance design is fashionable and round as a whole. The front and rear of the vehicle adopt through-type LED lamp belt. The main area of the front adopts closed treatment, highlighting the characteristics of new energy vehicles. The body lines are smooth and elegant, and the slip-back style adds a sense of movement. In addition, the car is equipped with hidden door handles, frameless electric suction doors, hatchback tailgates, etc. In terms of size, Chang 'an Qiyuan A07 has a length, width and height of 4905/1910/1480mm respectively, and a wheelbase of 2900mm. It is positioned as a medium and large all-electric drive car. In addition, the car will be available with 225/55 R18 and 245/45 R19 tires depending on the configuration. notes that the interior design of Chang 'an Qiyuan A07 is also very modern, with a dashboard-free solution, with AR-HUD head-up display and 15.4-inch suspended central control screen providing information interaction. The vehicle system is supported by Qualcomm Snapdragon 8155 vehicle chip, adopts brand-new UI design, and supports one-language multi-meaning + continuous dialogue voice interaction. The car is also equipped with an atmosphere light strip running through the center console and both door positions, using a double-spoke flat-bottomed multi-function steering wheel with a gearshift mechanism.

The seats are diamond checkered and perforated. The high-profile models provide front seat heating, ventilation and massage, fragrance system, 16-speaker sound and other configurations. The car is equipped with L2 IACC adaptive cruise system, supporting congestion intelligent cruise, stable car following centering, automatic cart avoidance, intelligent speed limit control and other functions.

In terms of power, the new model continues to adopt rear single motor pure electric drive, with the maximum power of 190kW and the peak torque of driving motor of 320N·m. The new car uses 58.1 kWh battery pack, and the pure electric range under CLTC condition is 515 km, enriching the choice of models.

The extended range version uses a 1.5-liter naturally aspirated engine as the range extender. The maximum power of the range extender is 70 kW, the maximum power of the motor is 160 kW, the peak torque is 320 N·m, and the pure electric range of the vehicle is 200 km.(CLTC condition, battery capacity 28.4 kWh), official fuel consumption of 100 kilometers under power supply state is 4.5 liters, vehicle supports 3 kilowatt external discharge function, full battery life can reach 1200 kilometers.

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