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Innovation and Technology to rebuild the New benchmark of Kitchen Fangtai Integrated Kitchen takes the lead in high-end integrated kitchen electricity

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In recent years, with the economic development and the change of life style, the shape of kitchen and the category of kitchen appliances have undergone earth-shaking changes. With the advantage of multi-function, the integrated cooker alleviates the space problem of the kitchen to a certain extent, and is welcomed by more and more people, but in the smoking effect, safety, energy consumption and other issues, the traditional integrated cooker still has a huge room for progress. In view of this, relying on years of technology accumulation and insight into the needs of users, Fangtai launched the Fangtai high-end integrated cooker, which led to a new upgrade of the integrated kitchen category itself and the user cooking experience.

With the three core technologies, Fang Tai's high-end integrated cooker has become a new benchmark for the kitchen.

As a high-end kitchen electricity brand in China, Fang Tai always insists on looking for advanced technology and design ideas that best meet the needs of users from the perspective of users. Relying on 100000 kilometers of visit and research and in-depth research and development of products, Fangtai has built Fangtai's high-end integrated stove around the three core technologies of intelligent cruise supercharging technology, complete upper air intake burner and temperature and humidity double control technology.

The intelligent cruise supercharging technology used in the smoke exhaust link of Fangtai's high-end integrated stove is researched and developed by the R & D team of the national "13th five-year Plan" key project. It increases the air volume of the tobacco machine to 23m3 / min, which exceeds the level of 16-17m3 / min generally in the industry, and the maximum static pressure reaches 1000Pa, which is more than twice the common level of 400Pa in the industry. Even at the peak of cooking, lampblack can be discharged quickly without hindrance, without having to worry about backfilling. The integrated stove is also equipped with an independent noise reduction system and sound-absorbing cotton, the operating volume of the cigarette machine is controlled at 52 decibels, users can communicate normally in the kitchen, and the cooking process is more comfortable and undisturbing.

In order to improve cooking efficiency, Fangtai high-end integrated cooker innovation introduced the design of a complete upper air intake burner. This technology allows gas and air to be fully mixed above the stove to achieve optimal combustion efficiency. Under this mechanism, the firepower after ignition can reach 5KW, and the thermal efficiency is as high as 64%, which has a significant advantage over the industry average. Whether it is hot stir-frying or slow stewing, Fangtai integrated cooker can fully tap heat energy and get twice the result with half the effort. At the same time, the complete upper air intake structure realizes the separation of gas and electricity, which greatly improves the safety of combustion and makes cooking more secure.

Through research, Fang found that in the process of steaming and roasting, the taste of a dish is not only related to temperature, but also has a great impact on humidity.

Fangtai high-end integrated cooker is a patented temperature and humidity double control technology for steaming and roasting. Through the two core functions of accurate temperature control and independent humidity control, it is equipped with AI intelligent algorithm to provide users with more professional cooking solutions. As the first brand equipped with hot air double circulation system in the integrated stove steaming oven, the precise temperature control technology realizes the three-dimensional heating layout in the steaming oven, which makes the food more balanced and tender outside. Self-controlled moisture control technology can not only create high-density steam in the steaming oven and keep the food delicious, but also quickly drain the moisture away during baking and bake a crisp taste. In addition, the steaming oven and Fangtai FIKS system are interconnected, not only built-in 100 intelligent recipes, but also expand a rich variety of cloud recipes on the FIKS system, cooking rookies can also easily make master dishes. Fangtai high-end integrated stove is also equipped with NFC function, mobile phone close can be quickly linked, the operation is more convenient to unlock.

People-oriented, to create a worry-free cooking experience

As far as the other party is concerned, banging on the bottom of technology is a scrupulous observance of the brand's "people-oriented" concept. Through long-term innovative research and development and technological reform, Fangtai achieves the first category of smoking and burning effect, and provides consumers with a more efficient and relaxed cooking experience.

In the user visit, Fang too insightful that kitchen cleaning has become a difficult problem for many families, leaving oil and difficult to disassemble is an important factor affecting the user's kitchen experience. Therefore, the Fangtai high-end integrated cooker chooses the advanced panel material which is easy to clean and anti-oil adhesion to achieve a clean effect. The structure of the smoke machine without oil net and the completely detachable smoke guide plate and stove greatly simplify the cleaning process of the kitchen and make the cleaning work unnecessary to worry about.

It is worth mentioning that the Fangtai high-end integrated stove adopts a new operation logic, focusing on the stove knob, and all other operations are integrated on the table, so the user can complete the operation without bending over. In addition, complete air intake design, anti-dry burning, APP remote observation and other security protection mechanisms, equipped with five-year warranty, customer service within 5 seconds and door-to-door delivery and other intimate services, on the basis of product quality to further create a worry-free and pleasant cooking experience for users.

Symbiosis of science and technology and aesthetics, leading the tide of integrated kitchen electricity design

As Claudio Sebostine, the "father of minimalist architectural design" said, minimalist design is easier to highlight the nature of "home". Fang Tai's high-end integration cooker follows Fang Tai's consistent concept of "minimalist aesthetics of science and technology".

Fangtai high-end integrated stove adopts three-dimensional interspersed design, which brings the beauty of sculpture like a running villa. The fuselage is black, the glass and stainless steel coating are perfectly integrated, and the restrained color conveys a rigorous and advanced sense. Nakajima raised design, inspired by the Nakajima kitchen, reflects the openness and integration of the integrated stove. The headlights are hidden under the stage, and the faceted lights highlight personality and tolerance, making cooking like the protagonist in the theater spotlight. The overall lines are smooth and angular, integrated in the kitchen, and aesthetics and pragmatism coexist harmoniously.

After 27 years of deep ploughing in the field of high-end kitchen and electricity, Fang Tai continues to promote the in-depth development of basic scientific research around the three core technologies of air, water and cooking. At present, it has more than 10900 domestic authorized patents and holds the largest "patent pool" in the kitchen and electricity industry.

"Innovation is the first driving force for enterprise development", Fang Tai relies on rich patent accumulation and innovative R & D capabilities, and constantly pushes out the old and bring forth the new around the needs of users. It is not only easy to break through the integrated cooker products, but also promote the upgrading of the whole category, explore a new blue ocean of kitchen electricity such as integrated cooking centers, and lead the wave of integrated kitchen electricity technology.

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