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Security is full of privacy top matching, and Taoxinyun mobile phone brings a new experience of cloud phone.

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Since its launch, Taoxinyun mobile phone has been praised by users for its strong performance, superior cost performance and excellent security and privacy performance. The latest version of Taoxinyun mobile phone in terms of performance and privacy protection, please climb to another high-rise building, providing users with a new cloud mobile phone experience.

Strong performance, new configuration detonation performance-to-price ratio

At present, the mainstream equipment of Taoxinyun mobile phone takes into account the balance of performance and price, which brings users the best performance-to-price ratio. The T50 version of the cloud phone is equipped with the most powerful hardware configuration, including 8-core CPU, 16 GB of memory, 128 GB of storage, and 2K, 60 frames, making the T50 far ahead of the current cloud phone industry in performance.

Cloud phones with the same high performance as T30 and T10 still have professional-level features such as ROOT mode, batch group control and self-service, allowing you to enjoy an excellent experience comparable to that of real phones in cloud phones. Whether it is used as a backup mobile phone or run in batches, Taoxinyun mobile phone has become a leader in the cloud mobile phone industry because of its excellent performance-to-price ratio.

Security and Privacy Module: comprehensive data Protection

In order to further improve users' privacy and information security in cloud phones, Taoxinyun mobile phones not only provide a full range of user anti-fraud security protection and other measures, but also developed functions such as application camouflage, device locks, security locks, authorization codes, desktop locking screens, and so on. Users can disguise the App of Taoxinyun mobile phone as a calculator, and enter the cloud phone interface by setting the password. After entering the cloud phone, you can also set the device password, preview mode, lock screen interface, and so on, to provide layer-by-layer encryption and protection for cloud phones. Not only fill up sense of security, but also let your privacy nowhere to be revealed.

Comparable to the real machine, proficient in everything with synchronous voice and code scanning.

Taoxinyun mobile phone always pays attention to the user experience, whether it is the improvement of equipment performance, or the addition of features, are user feedback-oriented. At present, users can synchronize notifications through Taoxinyun mobile phones. So that the notification of the cloud phone can be synchronized to the local machine in real time, so that the information is jet-lagged and no longer misses any important news. At the same time, Taoxinyun mobile phone can also support voice chat, code scan login, cross-device replication and other functions, making your experience on the cloud phone closer to the real phone.

On the way, the iOS version of Taoxinyun mobile phone will be launched soon.

Users of Apple's iOS system who want to use cloud phones don't have to worry. Taoxinyun will soon launch the iOS version. Take you to feel the high-configuration, high-fluency, high-definition cloud phone "ceiling". Bid farewell to the risk of iOS "corporate signature installation" and the hidden dangers of massive spam, whether it's Android exclusive games, genuine apps, and storage space expansion, Apple users will soon be able to achieve it all through the Maxinyun phone.

Taoxinyun mobile phone aims to create a more secure and cost-effective virtual cloud mobile phone for users. Through powerful device performance configuration, rich and innovative features, as well as comprehensive security and privacy protection, let users feel that the cloud mobile phone is both civil and military. Not only a mobile phone, but also a reassuring and enjoyable cloud experience.

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