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Xiaomi Redmi K70 / Pro real machine exposure: back texture is clearly visible, right-angle middle frame with micro-arc body

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Shulou( Report--

Thanks to netizens for the clues of selling melons and grass Luo Yuzi in the back row!, November 27 (Xinhua)-- the Redmi K70 series will be officially released on November 29, and now its standard version and Pro version are suspected to be exposed on the Internet.

From the photos shared by the blogger @ passerby, the Redmi K70 / Pro clear and snow colors and ink feather colors are both textured and clearly visible. The front of the fuselage is equipped with a central single-hole straight screen, and the screen frame is well controlled. From the side, the two phones are equipped with aluminum alloy highlight in the frame, the back cover of the fuselage and the middle frame of the connection for Radian treatment, is expected to have a good feel.

Judging from the pictures exposed so far, there is little difference in the appearance of Redmi K70 / Pro. The standard version is equipped with Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 processor, while the Pro version is upgraded to Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 processor. The rest of the configuration difference is temporarily unknown.

In the previous warm-up, the Redmi K70 Pro has confirmed that the launch is equipped with a "Light and Shadow Hunter 800" image sensor, which supports the 50MP 1 big 1.55-inch sole, 2.0 μ m pixel size, and 13.2EV dynamic range. The new machine is also equipped with Huaxing Optoelectronic 2K display screen, the first brand new C8 luminous material, has the peak brightness of 4000nits, and supports high frequency dimming of 3840Hz PWM.

Another new Redmi K70E launch equipped with Tianji 8300-Ultra processor, equipped with 5500mAh battery + 90W fast charge, equipped with 1.5K center single hole flexible straight screen, body thickness 8.05mm. In addition, the machine is also equipped with a smart charging engine to effectively extend battery life; the first launch is equipped with Xiaomi starfish algorithm can repair battery technology, claiming that after 1000 long cycles, the effective capacity of the battery is still ≥ 90%.

For more information about the Redmi K70 series, will continue to follow and report in detail.

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