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Talking about the new opportunities of AI, Huawei Cloud Enterprise Fast growth Technology Innovation Forum is about to land in Xi'an.

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In recent years, the huge growth of data has led artificial intelligence to a period of rapid development. With the deep integration with various industries, AI has become a promising and influential new technology. A new round of industrial reform led by AI is giving birth to a large number of new industries, new business type and new models. As one of the pillar industries in China, the integration of manufacturing industry and AI technology has begun to take shape. In production, operation, management and other links, intelligent inspection based on the birth of AI, intelligent quality inspection, fault prediction, energy saving and emission reduction have shown positive results. AI energizing industrial manufacturing is moving towards intelligent manufacturing, which is playing the main theme of industrial intelligence upgrading.

Xi'an, the ancient capital of the thirteen dynasties, carries a rich history and culture. In the historical change of thousands of years, Xi'an keeps pace with the times, innovates and develops, and gradually forms the six pillar industries of electronic information manufacturing, automobile manufacturing, aerospace, high-end equipment manufacturing, new materials and new energy and biomedicine as the core. Artificial intelligence, incremental manufacturing (3D printing), robot, big data, satellite applications and other five emerging industries as the support of the industrial development system. In urban construction, Xi'an plans the spatial layout of high-tech industrial belt, advanced manufacturing industrial belt and so on.

In order to further consolidate the industrial development pattern of Xi'an and promote the innovative development of small and medium-sized enterprises in Xi'an. On December 16, Huawei Cloud Enterprise Fast growth artificial Intelligence Technology Innovation Forum will enter Xi'an.

Huawei Cloud Enterprise Fast growth Technology Innovation Forum is a series of activities launched by Huawei Cloud ecological partners and technology organizations. The event is aimed at technology managers, R & D engineers and other technology-related personnel, focusing on cutting-edge technology trends, including big data, AI, Cloud original, Cloud Security, etc., to talk about technological innovation driving the high-quality development of enterprises.

Taking the new technologies, new applications and new opportunities in the AI era as an opportunity, this forum invited thought leaders, technology leaders, pioneer enterprises and developers from all walks of life in the field of AI to participate in the event. At that time, focus on the release of AI technology productivity, for enterprises how to build a robust and efficient AI R & D base, how to improve team R & D efficiency and other specific problems, the industry will also give more new suggestions for the deep ploughing development of intelligent manufacturing in Xi'an.

In the forum, according to the pain points encountered in the intelligent upgrading of enterprises, industry experts will vividly talk about how to use the cloud to build the foundation of intelligence and open a new era of intelligence. There will also be an in-depth interpretation of whether Teng AI can really improve quality and efficiency by building an innovation engine. At the meeting, experts will also discuss the role of large models with participating enterprises for the future development of the industrial field. With the vigorous development of AIGC era, many new businesses also put forward more different requirements for developers. The change of R & D paradigm and the evolution of developers' capabilities will also be the focus of this forum.

In the new stage of digital process accompanied by AI innovation and development, how can the industrial manufacturing industry make use of AI to seize new opportunities? Are there any more good tools that are easy to use and easy to develop in the field of AI? In the new era, which AI capabilities adapt to their own development? Which AI technologies should not be missed? These questions will be answered in Xi'an Station, the fast-growing artificial intelligence technology innovation forum for enterprises.

Unveil AI technology, master AI technology dividend, accelerate the development of enterprise innovation, learn in the present and win in the future. From 14:00 to 17:00 on December 16, Huawei Cloud Enterprise Fast growth artificial Intelligence Technology Innovation Forum Xi'an Station cordially invites all business partners and developers to gather at Hilton Xi'an.

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