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Microsoft is considering launching Xbox Game Pass free cloud games with advertisements.

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Shulou( Report--, December 12 (Xinhua)-- Microsoft has launched Xbox Game Pass subscriptions in multiple price ranges, but for more low-income people around the world, such subscriptions are still expensive and require PC or mainframe devices.

To this end, Microsoft is considering launching Xbox Game Pass free cloud games with ads, so that people in large areas can play games on their mobile phones.

Tim Stuart, Xbox's chief financial officer, recently told attendees at Wells Fargo's TMT summit that the company wanted to bring Game Pass "to every screen where games can be played", according to TweakTown.

Reported that he proposed a potential way to expand the scope of services, including the provision of advertising-supported cloud games to players in emerging markets.

"for places like Africa, India, Southeast Asia, where game consoles may not be popular, you can say, 'Hey, do you want to watch a 30-second commercial and play a cloud game for two hours?' You know, 50% of the population in Africa is 23 or younger, the disposable income base is growing, and everyone has mobile phones and mobile devices, but generally speaking, there is not much high-end disposable income. So we can use our own business model, or there are millions of gamers who would never have been able to get it, and now we can use a new business model to get it. " inquiry found that foreign media Windows Central also claimed that it has seen evidence that this business model may be launched next year. According to reports, security researcher Title_OS recently shared code snippets from the Xbox operating system, which mentioned providing 15 minutes of Game Pass access on the basis of "Earned Time".

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