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Meta open source web page UI style system StyleX: integrates the efficient performance of static CSS and has been applied to platforms such as Facebook.

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Shulou( Report--, December 12, Meta recently opened up StyleX, a web UI style system used by its own products, which is a compiler-based CSS-in-JS library that claims to integrate the efficiency and extensibility of static CSS, and can reuse component libraries and static type code bases.

It is reported that StyleX does not fully support all the functions of CSS and is mainly built around large websites. At present, this style system has been used in Meta's Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram and other products.

▲ source Meta official press release learned that StyleX can automatically manage CSS selectors to avoid process complexity and ensure that the generated CSS will not conflict. In addition, StyleX avoids the overhead of using JavaScript insertion styles and efficiently combines class name strings only when necessary, thus ensuring that the generated CSS styles can be quickly parsed by browsers.

In addition, the style generated by StyleX has also been optimized, officially mentioned that compared to the traditional CSS library, StyleX appears to be "smaller, more specific", through "atomic build" and "file-level cache", StyleX can simultaneously handle tens of thousands of components at compile time, and has "powerful scalability", thus improving development efficiency.

Meta mentioned that StyleX, which is officially open source on GitHub, is the official version of StyleX used within the company. In the future, the official will release subsequent updates of StyleX in GitHub. Meta will also regularly synchronize the new version released on GitHub for internal use. Interested partners can click here to access the project address.

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