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Huawei publishes patents to control the perspective of car cameras to help car owners better observe the environment

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Shulou( Report--, December 12 (Xinhua)-- Huawei Technology Co., Ltd. today announced a patent for a method, device and vehicle for controlling the viewing angle of a vehicle camera, which can improve driving safety.

According to the patent summary, the application provides a method, a device and a vehicle for controlling the angle of view of a vehicle camera. The method includes obtaining real-time state parameters of a vehicle, the real-time state parameters are used to indicate the real-time driving state of the vehicle; according to the real-time state parameters, the viewing angle of the camera of the vehicle is controlled.

The embodiment of the application can change the perspective of the immutable vehicle camera in the process of vehicle driving, help the driver better observe the surrounding driving environment, and improve driving safety. noted that car cameras are generally around the vehicle and are mainly used to capture the environment around the vehicle, such as lane signs, roadside obstacles, pedestrians, etc., which are generally divided into five categories: forward-looking camera, look-around camera, rear-looking camera, side-looking camera and built-in camera.

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