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Wolong: the fall of the Heaven part 3 DLC "Fengqi Jingxiang" and large-scale update 1.300 launch

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Shulou( Report-- December 12 news, according to Glory Tekumo news, "Wolong: the fall of the Heaven" part 3 DLC "Wind up Jingxiang" has been launched on the platform, and a large-scale update 1.300 has also been launched.

As previously reported by, the first DLC of Wolong: the fall of the Sky was launched on June 29, and the second film, dominating Jiangdong, was launched on September 27. In the third DLC "the Wind rises Jingxiang", after Yu Ji's death, Liu Bei stood up to face the threat of elixir shrouded in Jingzhou. New weapons, generals, demons and more challenges will also appear.

In the large-scale update 1.300, the function of "self-control and calming heart" was enhanced, added 15 magic tricks, fixed a variety of problems, and the PC version also improved mouse operation.

The promotional video of "Jingxiang from the Wind":

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