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Walker H230P wired headphones welcome discount: 9mm moving coil unit, discount 20 yuan to 54 yuan

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Shulou( Report-- December 12 news, H230P is a more classic entry-level wired headphones, this headset is on the e-commerce platform for a discount, the usual price of 74 yuan, the current discount of 20 yuan, get 54 yuan.

▲ Picture Source Walker official flagship store comprehensive evaluation of a number of users, H230P headphones are basically designed for mobile devices to listen to music, sound quality is relatively plain boiled water.

The headset is designed to be worn in an oblique ear, weighs 12 grams, is equipped with three sizes of earplugs, uses a 9mm moving coil unit, has a sensitivity of 102dB and an impedance of 24 Ω.

▲ Picture Source Walker official flagship store

▲ Touyuan Walker official flagship store in addition, the official recently upgraded the headset, adding a "high-sensitivity microphone" to achieve "all-pointing silence".

▲ source walker official flagship store walker H230P headphones get 54 yuan direct link

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