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Huawei's first open headset, FreeClip, is officially released with a price of 199euros.

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Shulou( Report-- December 13 news, Huawei FreeClip open headphones officially released, will be launched in the UK and European markets at the end of December, available in black and purple two color options, official price of 179.99 pounds (currently about 1624 yuan) and 199 euros ( Note: currently about 1538 yuan).

It is worth mentioning that British buyers will receive Huawei bracelet 8 free of charge if they order between now and January 29.

Huawei says FreeClip is the industry's first open-ended headset that doesn't distinguish between left and right ears. It weighs only 5.6g and can connect two devices at the same time. It supports SBC, AAC and L2HC (L2HC requires EMUI 13.0 or higher).

The headset consists of three parts: Comfort Bean, Acoustic Ball and C-bridge.

The comfort bean has an ergonomic bean-shaped design to better fit the shape of the ear; the acoustic ball is based on a realistic ear cavity model to avoid discomfort; the C-bridge section has adaptive sensors to adjust the clamping force of the clasp, and its thin cantilever beam contains 9 core wires.

In other respects, the headset is compatible with Android and iOS devices, and the headset body (not the headset case) also supports IP54 waterproof and dustproof, which can bring up to 32 hours of battery life, and supports fast charging. It takes only 40 minutes to fully charge and 3 hours to listen to after 10 minutes of charging.

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