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Google updates Google Maps application, location records will be saved locally

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Shulou( Report-- December 13 news, Google issued a press release today, announcing an update to the Google Maps application and changing the relocation record (Location History) to local storage.

Location records are currently stored on Google servers through end-to-end encryption, and in upcoming Android and iOS versions updates, these location records will be stored on local devices.

Users can open the Google Maps application, open the Your Timeline option, and browse and edit location record data. Note "location record" is a Google account setting that can be used to create a timeline, which is your personal map that helps you record:

Where you have been

The route to the destination

The itinerary you have experienced

It can also be used to provide you with a personalized experience in various Google products / services based on where you have been.

Google said in a press release that in subsequent updates, information such as where the user has been and the route to the destination will be automatically saved locally on each device, making it easier for users to better control the data.

If your device is damaged or switched to a new device, you can also choose to back up your data to the cloud to avoid loss. After you enable this optional feature, Google will automatically encrypt your backup data, which even Google cannot read.

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