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Microsoft pushes KB5033375 Cumulative updates in December to Win11

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Shulou( Report--

Thanks to netizen SZXATC and soft media Xinyou 2010825 for the clue delivery!, December 13 (Xinhua)-- Microsoft released a cumulative update KB5033375 for Win11 22H2 and 23H2 during the last patch Tuesday event in 2023, and the installed version number was upgraded to Build 22621.2861 and 22631.2861.

Microsoft officials say the update fixes many security issues reported and exposed in previous Win11 versions and integrates KB5032288 updates released on December 4, 2023. has previously reported that KB5032288 updates are attached here:

New features! Copilot can be used across multiple monitors in Windows (preview version). Press the Copilot in the Windows taskbar button on the taskbar of the monitor on which you want to display Copilot in Windows. To display the last opened Copilot in Windows, press Win+C. If you are using a keyboard, press Win+T to place the keyboard focus on the taskbar. Then go to the "Copilot in Windows" button and turn it on on any monitor. This was initially available to a small number of audiences and was more widely deployed in the months that followed.

New features! Alt+Tab can be used in Windows Copilot (preview version). When you press Alt+Tab, the thumbnail preview of Copilot in Windows is displayed in other thumbnail previews of the open window. You can use Tab keystrokes to switch between them. This was initially available to a small number of audiences and was more widely deployed in the months that followed.

New features! In the next few weeks, you may see Windows focus set as the default background. This may occur when the desktop background is set to a preset Windows background.

New features! When you log in to Windows with a local account, you can ask Windows (Copilot in the preview version) for help ten times. After that, you must log in using an authenticated account. These include Microsoft accounts (MSA) and Azure Active Directory (Azure AD). Notice that the name of Azure AD will be changed to Microsoft Entra ID.

New features! This update begins to launch account-related notifications for Microsoft accounts on the Settings > home page. The Microsoft account connects Windows to the Microsoft app. This account backs up all data and helps you manage your subscriptions. Additional security steps can also be added to prevent the account from being locked. This feature displays notifications in the start menu and Settings. You can manage settings notifications in Settings > Privacy & Security > General.

This update increases the speed at which Copilot (preview version) in Windows opens from the taskbar.

This update addresses issues affecting Copilot in Windows, the (preview version on the taskbar) icon. When Copilot in Windows is open, it does not appear to be active.

This update addresses the issue that caused the IE mode to stop responding. This occurs if you press the left Arrow when browsing is open, the empty text box has focus, and the symbol cursor is inserted.

This update addresses the issue that caused the IE mode to stop responding. This occurs if more than one IE mode tab is open.

This update affects dynamic lighting. It reduces the amount of electricity it uses on the device.

This update addresses issues that may affect the cursor when writing in Japanese. The cursor may move to an unexpected location.

This update resolves issues affecting cursors. In some screen capture schemes, its movement lags behind.

This update addresses an issue that affects widget notifications and lock screen reminders. It is in the wrong place on the taskbar.

This update addresses issues affecting File Explorer. The context (shortcut) menu cannot be opened when you press Shift + F10.

This update resolves issues that affect the File Explorer window. If they are not expected, they will be displayed at the front desk.

This update addresses issues affecting File Explorer. The options in the left pane show the error status.

This update addresses issues that affect applications downloaded from Microsoft Store. They stop responding and do not update.

This update affects the shortcut to the (context) menu. When you open it on the desktop and in File Explorer, its performance is now better.

This update addresses issues that affect the narrator. When you install Windows, you cannot open it on the installation screen.

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