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Epic CEO talks about the difference in results against Google and Apple: the key is that "Apple didn't leave any written evidence."

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Shulou( Report-- December 13, 2013-Epic Games has won a historic victory in an antitrust lawsuit against Google after three years of legal battles.

The jury unanimously ruled that Google had a monopoly position in the Google Play app store and Google Play Billing market, and abused that position to the detriment of Epic Games.

Compared to Google's "victory," the lawsuit between Epic Games and Apple can basically be described as "defeat."

Epic Games CEO Tim Sweeney, interviewed by CNBC after the successful lawsuit, attributed the different results to "Apple not writing anything down," leaving nothing in writing to hold onto.

Sweeney said in an interview:

Google executives brazenly broke the law and then deleted all records of violations.

This is really amazing. This is no ordinary court case. You wouldn't expect a trillion-dollar company to operate like Google.

Sweeney said in an interview that Epic had difficulty finding relevant documents from within Apple, which played an important role in the lawsuit against Google.

Another key factor is that Google's trial was decided by a jury, whereas Apple's trial was decided by a judge. translated Sweeney's views as follows:

The biggest difference between Apple and Google is that Apple doesn't write anything down. And because they're a big vertically integrated monopoly, they don't make deals with developers and operators to shut down competition, they just block it on a technical level.

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