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Samsung announces mass production of 31.5-inch UHD resolution QD-OLED screen, first launching 27-inch 360Hz QHD next year

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Shulou( Report--, December 13, Samsung announced today that it will begin mass production of a 31.5-inch UHD ( 3840x2160) resolution QD-OLED screen this month, a new product that achieves "the highest level of pixel density and UHD resolution in self-illuminating displays."

▲ source Samsung display official blog, the following introduction, in order to develop this ultra-high-definition resolution display screen, Samsung display will be advanced ultra-precision inkjet printing technology applied to QD (quantum dots) luminous layer. By optimizing the inkjet nozzle and jet volume, the pixel density has been successfully increased to 140PPI (pixels per inch), which is equivalent to the pixel density of 65-inch 8K televisions on the market today.

Samsung shows that:

Because the display is usually closer to the viewing distance than the TV, users are more sensitive to picture quality. At present, displays within the range of 30 inches of self-illumination generally use QHD ( Note: 2560x1440) resolution, while consumers who like games and HD video content are more fond of UHD products.

In addition to the product, Samsung plans to launch the industry's highest 360Hz refresh rate of 27-inch QHD QD-OLED for the first time in 2024, focusing on the fast-growing game display market.

In addition, Samsung also plans to actively expand the high-end display market by launching a variety of product lines, including 27-inch, 31.5-inch, 34-inch, 49-inch, and developing new customers, seeking to more than double shipments of QD-OLED displays in the same period last year.

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