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IDC made in China Digital supply chain overall solution 2023 manufacturer Evaluation is located in the "leading manufacturer" quadrant

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At present, with the deepening of the new type of industrialization, the development path of industrial digitization is becoming increasingly clear, and accelerating the digital transformation of the supply chain has become the consensus of China's manufacturing industry.

Recently, IDC, a world-renowned IT market research institution, released the report "IDC MarketScape: 2023 Vendor Evaluation of the overall solution of Digital supply chain made in China". Based on the research on the capability and strategy of platform service providers, 11 service providers of the overall solution of digital supply chain were selected. The evaluation results are based on the IDC MarketScape model, in which is in the position of "Leaders- leading manufacturer" and has excellent evaluation in terms of ability and strategy.

The report points out that the main trend of enterprises in building a digital supply chain is gradually changing from the local optimization in a single business domain to the overall optimization of the digital supply chain. However, the digital supply chain covers cross-departmental businesses such as marketing, production and marketing coordination, procurement, warehousing, distribution, manufacturing and outsourcing, and enterprises generally coordinate service providers in many different fields. there are many challenges in planning and landing, such as insufficient planning, difficult department walls to break, difficulties in data fusion, piecemeal measures and so on. When building a digital supply chain, enterprises are more inclined to face an overall solution service provider, which leads the digital supply chain planning, and can pull the ecological partners of the service providers to help the end users achieve the planning goals. complete the construction of the digital supply chain.

The report fully recognizes 's ability and practice on the overall solution of the made-in-China supply chain. According to the report, as a technology and service enterprise based on the supply chain, adheres to the service concept of "coming from the industry and going to the industry" and has accumulated leading technical capabilities and rich practical experience in the field of supply chain. build and consolidate the digital intelligence social supply chain infrastructure. Based on his service methodology that has been repeatedly verified in business practice over the past 20 years, runs through the whole supply chain of industrial Internet and consumer Internet through the horizontal link of production, circulation and service. The ability of the supply chain to serve thousands of industries and final consumers has greatly improved social cooperation and service efficiency. Industry, as the industrial supply chain technology and service solution provider of Group, is the first to put forward the digital intelligence model of the whole supply chain in the industry. based on the technology and services of the intelligent supply chain, it realizes the four-in-one and automatic flow of information flow, business flow, logistics and capital flow, and efficiently links a large number of suppliers and customers. After years of development, this model has also been recognized by more and more enterprises and brands and become the consensus of the industry.

In the process of serving customers, Industry also found the new challenges faced by the current industrial enterprises in the digital transformation of the supply chain. Due to the large number of industrial enterprises involved in sub-industries, different stages of development, and uneven degree of digitization, the technologies and services required for transformation are also completely different. In the past, the single platform and single system service model commonly used by enterprise digital service providers is obviously difficult to meet such needs. For this reason, Industry has created a brand-new digital intelligence solution for Taipu supply chain based on rich practice in the past, which can not only provide diversified services from consultation and diagnosis to top-level design to system construction, but also combine general supply chain technology with industry know-how, and make full use of the original digital assets of the enterprise. In accurately matching the needs of the industry at the same time effectively reduce the additional investment of enterprises.

Around the two major scenes of MRO non-productive materials and BOM production materials, "Taipu" has formed a professional product matrix. Among them, in the field of MRO non-productive materials, Taipu covers the full range of industrial non-productive materials, full scene, full-link digital links, through the construction of procurement mall platform, industrial mining shelf procurement platform, MRO category one-stop commodity supply, drive enterprises to reduce costs and increase efficiency In the field of BOM production materials, services can be extended to the whole process of production management such as SRM, R & D PLM, planning APS, production MES through the construction of SRM system, core hosted source search platform and BOM category one-stop commodity supply, so as to provide service support for lean production and intelligent production, and promote the digital transformation of enterprise production and operation.

At present, Industry has served more than 8000 large group enterprise customers, more than 100000 industrial manufacturing related factories, including automobiles, machinery and equipment, electronic product assembly and other fields, and participated in more than 16000 construction projects. Baihetan Hydropower Station, located at the junction of Sichuan and Yunnan, is the largest hydropower station under construction in the world. Because it is located in the high mountains in the lower reaches of the Jinsha River, there is a lack of a more mature logistics and distribution system. Through cooperation with Industry, the two sides have built an enterprise distribution center in Baihetan Town and are equipped with special cars to ensure the timely and accurate delivery of each purchase order. Shaanxi Construction Engineering Group is one of the largest engineering construction enterprises in China. Through cooperation with Industry, Shaanxi Construction Engineering Group has built an intelligent supplier management platform to mine the data value of past suppliers, form a reusable and accumulative supplier numerical intelligence management model, realize the advancement of "from management and control to active service", better stimulate the vitality of suppliers and give full play to their value.

Du Yanze, research manager of IDC China manufacturing industry, said that the overall digital maturity of manufacturing in China is increasing year by year, but the digital maturity of the supply chain is still in its infancy. As the uncertainty of the supply chain becomes the norm, the head enterprises are seeking the digital transformation of the supply chain, aiming to transform the supply chain from the cost center to the opportunity center. In the next few years, with the leading effect of excellent cases and the improvement of the ability of service providers, the end-user demand will continue to be released, and the manufacturers who first focus on this market will have the first-mover advantage.

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