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Land Rover wins the pure electric version of the preview: the quietest range Rover in history, with performance comparable to the flagship V8 model

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According to on December 13, Land Rover released its fifth-generation range Rover in 2021, when it announced that it would launch an all-electric version in 2024. Today, Land Rover officially released trailer videos and pictures of Land Rover's winning pure electric version (Range Rover Electric), and opened the first batch of reservations, marking the beginning of prototype testing of the brand's first electric car.

From the preview diagram, the pure electric version of Land Rover is not much different from the standard version of range Rover in appearance. The intake grille uses the same design, but most of them are covered by closed panels. The center of the hub is stamped with the word "EV" instead of Land Rover, and the refueling port on the rear fender is replaced by a hidden charging port. The new car is also expected to fine-tune the bumper design and other details, but the overall style will continue the classic design of the range Rover.

Land Rover also revealed a lot of details about the pure electric version of Land Rover, which will be built on the same MLA platform as the fuel version and use an 800V architecture to support fast charging.

Land Rover said that the overall performance and cross-country ability of the pure electric version of Land Rover will be comparable to that of the V8 power version of the range Rover, and will even reach a depth of up to 33.5 inches ( Note: about 850.9 mm), comparable to that of the Land Rover Guardians and almost equal to the fuel version of the range Rover. Thanks to new active noise reduction technology and the inherent stillness of electric vehicles, Land Rover says the pure electric version of Land Rover will be the quietest and most exquisite range Rover to date.

At present, Land Rover wins the pure electric version of the prototype car has begun to test on roads and off-road roads, Land Rover said its test program will be one of the most stringent in history. The new car will withstand extreme temperatures of minus 40 degrees Celsius to 50 degrees Celsius in places such as Dubai and Sweden, and the test project is designed to ensure that battery packs and electric drive systems can cope with all kinds of weather and terrain.

Although we do not know the launch time and price of the pure electric version of Land Rover, interested customers can join the waiting list through the official website of Land Rover. The new car will be produced at the Solihar plant in the UK along with other range Rover models, and Land Rover has invested an additional $88 million in electric car production. In addition to the pure electric version of Land Rover, Land Rover plans to launch electric versions of range Rover, Aurora and Land Rover Guardians, and hopes to build a new battery factory in England.

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