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Channel 1 comes online, AI wants to grab the "rice bowl" of the news anchor.

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Shulou( Report-- December 13 news, the rise of AI, has made many workers feel threatened, and this "threat" is spreading. The newly launched Channel 1 channel gives news anchors a "sense of crisis". has previously done "what do you think of AI's threat to your job?" According to the survey, 28.97% of users think that the threat is great; 26.03% of users think that there is a certain threat, but the impact is limited.

Generally speaking, news anchors have very high requirements for professional skills, language expression and so on, which naturally forms a relatively high technical threshold.

Existing AI news anchors usually have stiff facial expressions and body movements, but the AI anchors generated by Channel 1 channel are not only very realistic, but also show a sense of humor in some scenes.

Channel 1 shared a 22-minute video that gathered human stories from "trusted sources" around the world and repackaged it as a fully narrated, hosted and edited news story.

In addition to creating video clips and images to match reports, artificial intelligence can also be used to translate eyewitness reports into any language, perform appropriate lip movements, and maintain the voice characteristics of the original speaker.

Channel 1 also provides its own analytical insights, with one AI-generated news anchor saying:

Channel 1 has developed a unique new way to measure emotions, with the ability to read and analyze data in near real time.

Channel 1 can analyze 30000 tweets about Cybertruck on the X platform and then express its views on the pure e-pickup based on the emoji users use.

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