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The first Haichen Energy Storage Ecological Day-- the global launch of three new products and services opens a new world of energy storage application.

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Shulou( Report--

Introduction: Haichen Energy Storage insists on looking at the development of energy storage industry from the perspective of "long-term doctrine", insists on choosing to do "difficult things", focuses on new market segments based on technology and product innovation, and promotes the energy storage industry to open the new world of energy storage scene application with the new application scene of "ecology, production and life".

On December 12, the first Haichen Energy Storage Ecological Day with the theme of "three-body New World" was solemnly held in Chongqing. Through the factory visit and inspection, the release of the "2037 Plan" and the launch of the three major new products and services, the activity comprehensively demonstrated that Haichen energy storage broke through the convention, kept correct and innovated, and comprehensively opened the new application scene of energy storage with the three major application dimensions of "ecology, production and life".

What is the "2037 Plan"? Wang Pengcheng, co-founder and president of Haichen Energy Storage, explained this at the Ecological Day: Haichen Energy Storage will unswervingly move towards the goal of achieving the global industry-wide chain carbon neutrality and ESG AAA rating in 2037. " The "2037" figure represents the plan to achieve United Nations sustainable development goal 7 (affordable clean energy) through the "binary replacement" of the energy structure to achieve "net zero emissions" and the gradual transition of the three stages of energy substitution.

The 2037 Plan

The global debut of three new energy storage products and services, opening a new world of energy storage application with technological innovation

Haichen Energy Storage launched three new energy storage products and services in the world, including the world's first long-term energy storage battery MIC 1130Ah, the first full-stack industrial and commercial energy storage service, and the first affordable product for energy poor families-Hero EE. The first three new energy storage products and services have made a beautiful start to Haichen's "2037 Project".

The first major product: the world's first long-term energy storage battery MIC 1130Ah to meet the growing demand of power energy storage scale.

This is the trend of large-scale development of Haichen Energy Storage Research and Electric Energy Storage, a kiloampere super-capacity battery specially built for the 4-8-hour long-term energy storage market. Compared with the 280Ah system products, the single Wh cost of the MIC 1130Ah battery is reduced by 15%, and the volume energy density is increased by 15% to 400Wh / L, which can help reduce the cost of the energy storage DC side energy storage system by 25%.

MIC 1130Ah release of special battery for long-term energy storage

The integration efficiency of the energy storage system using MIC 1130Ah is increased to 35%, the complexity of system integration is fully simplified, and the comprehensive cost of DC-side energy storage system is reduced by 25%. The battery cycle life of MIC 1130Ah is up to 15000 cycles and the system life is up to 25 years, which greatly reduces the full life cycle cost of energy storage. Through a series of innovations in chemical system, process and structure, Haichen energy storage overcomes the two major challenges of heat generation and safety of large-capacity batteries, enables long-term energy storage applications, and realizes the competitive advantages of super capacity, long life, ultra-high safety and ultra-low cost.

The second largest service: low-threshold electricity rental and worry-free full coverage, "accept all rivers" full-stack industrial and commercial energy storage service

It was mentioned at the meeting that the main obstacles restricting the development of industrial and commercial energy storage are "do not know how to store", "do not dare to invest" and "do not know how to manage".

Aiming at the above three major pain points, Haichen Energy Storage has launched a full-stack industrial and commercial energy storage service with full-stack enabling partners through the ecological integration of four major systems: Shanhai (energy storage products) series, broad acceptance (financing) plan, hundred rivers (investment) alliance and river flow services, as well as Haichen energy storage itself.

"accept all rivers" full-stack industrial and commercial energy storage service

Haichen Energy Storage has its own HiTHIUM ∞ Block liquid cooling products, as well as Haichen certified HiTHIUM Empowered series of energy storage products, providing enterprises with a rich choice of energy storage products. With Haichen energy storage independent research and development technology evaluation and economic evaluation model, it can solve the problem that industrial and commercial owners and investors "do not know how to store".

Innovative proposal of "full life cycle coverage" to make energy storage more reassuring. Haichen Energy Storage works closely with PICC, Munich and other companies to provide safety and performance throughout the life cycle of the system, as well as routines such as public liability insurance and property, as well as national cross-regional underwriting. Performance provides a guarantee for customers to achieve product-leading performance throughout the life cycle.

Multi-channel financing is carried out to provide enterprises with the necessary data support, reducing the difficulty of project financing. Haichen Energy Storage has formed in-depth cooperation with a number of well-known energy investors, such as Nuclear Construction Lease, Yuexiu Gold Rent, and Su Yin Gold Rent, and is also discussing with partners the possibility of setting up energy storage assets. to provide more investment tools and channels for all kinds of ecological partners.

Create the "kilowatt-hour leasing mode", which is simple and low-threshold power consumption mode. The use of tools to ensure the number of cycles and attenuation of the product. In this mode, investors only need to discharge the energy storage equipment according to the actual cost of electricity consumption, that is, "use one kilowatt-hour of electricity and pay one degree of money" to obtain the full income of the project. The real "product purchase, rent financing, investment, operation and maintenance" one-stop energy storage service.

Provide Andustries-- Wanye energy storage intelligent platform. As a carrier, the platform tamps the back end of the business; supports products and services and empowers ecological partners; based on different scene functions, the platform brings each plate together to meet the needs of different dimensions of ecological partners for all kinds of tools.

The third largest product: Hero EE, an inclusive product that is truly affordable to poor energy households, so that families in poor energy areas can afford and use it.

Hero EE "Energy Equality Hero" is priced at RMB999 and has a built-in capacity of 1 kWh (1 kilowatt-hour). The life of the integrated optical storage intelligent system using Haichen energy storage power industrial-grade energy storage battery is as long as 10 years, and the average cost per kilowatt-hour is only 0.05 US dollars (about 0.4 yuan). This is an affordable and reliable energy inclusive product that can be easily bought and used by residents in poor energy areas.

Hero EE opens up a new world of energy equality

For families in energy-poor areas, the Hero EE system of one kilowatt-hour is enough to give them access to real-time information at any time, so that they can gain hope for personal development, and can also promote family-style small businesses and continue to increase household income. In terms of public health, Hero EE can save more lives by supporting small devices, such as medical mini-refrigerators, to store vaccines and medicines.

In the future, Haichen Energy Storage will hold Ecological Day on December 12 of each year. We will invite more ecological partners to present cutting-edge ideas, breakthrough technologies, innovative products and services to the world. 12.12 will become one of the most anticipated platforms for product technology release and exchange in energy storage, new energy industry and even net zero emission areas.

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