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Entropy-based Technology Singapore subsidiary debuts SSA 2023

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Shulou( Report--

A few days ago, the 2023 Asian Safety and Security Exhibition (SSA)(hereinafter referred to as "SSA 2023") was successfully concluded at the Sands Convention and Exhibition Center in Singapore. As a leading enterprise in multimodal "computer vision and biometric identification"(BioCV), Entropy-based Technology made its debut in SSA Exhibition for the first time. With multimodal BioCV technology as the core, it focused on four fields: intelligent entrance and exit, intelligent identity verification, intelligent office and intelligent retail. It demonstrated all-round one-stop solutions including access control, attendance management, entrance control, intelligent video and visitor management system. New technologies and new products attracted many visitors to stop and learn about them once they were on display.

SSA Asia is a prestigious security, fire, emergency and labor protection exhibition in the Asia-Pacific region. It is an ideal platform for global security product manufacturers to showcase their latest products and conduct transactions. At this exhibition, in addition to the innovative technology achievements of the four core businesses, Entropy Technology also displayed important products and solutions such as CEPAS series, ZKBio CVSecurity platform, ZKBio zlink and ZKDIGIMAX built for overseas markets.

It is worth mentioning that ZKDIGIMAX smart retail innovation business received extensive attention at the exhibition. ZKDIGIMAX is a smart retail solution provider owned by Entropy Technology, headquartered in Singapore, dedicated to protecting the digital transformation, value growth and business upgrading of the retail industry. ZKDIGIMAX business focuses on providing "AI + digital signage" services, digital infrastructure and intelligent business cloud services for global retail enterprises, enabling retailers to more effectively understand customer preferences, better link target customers, and provide customers with personalized marketing and service experiences of "thousands of people," thus creating greater business value.

The relevant person in charge of Entropy Technology ZKDIGIMAX said: "ZKDIGIMAX will continue to explore new scenario application solutions and value-added services for smart retail, inject advanced digital technology into the retail industry, and revitalize the smart retail and service industry. At the same time, we will work together with excellent partners and customers around the world to promote the deep integration of digital technology and retail industry and build a new digital retail ecosystem. "

As an innovative international technology company, since its establishment in 2007, Entropy Technology has always adhered to the global market network layout based on the localization service concept, and has now established a relatively complete global marketing service network system. As of June 30,2023, Entropy Technology has more than 80 branches and subsidiaries in the world, with product sales covering more than 100 countries and regions in Asia, North America, Latin America, Middle East, Europe and Africa. Its business has also been sinking from national central cities to surrounding cities, customer industries have been continuously enriched, and the marketing service network has expanded steadily.

SSA 2023 is the debut of Entropy-based Technology and has received a lot of positive feedback and responses. This is an affirmation of the company's deep exploration of professional fields and focus on key technological innovations, and an incentive for continuous breakthroughs in the future, which will further deepen the connection between Entropy-based Technology and partners, customers and stakeholders in the Singapore market. With the ultimate pursuit of product performance in innovation, stability and safety, Entropy-based technology has received more and more attention in domestic and overseas markets. In the future, Entropy Technology will continue to promote the integration and development of innovative technologies in the industry, and is committed to providing excellent services to meet the changing innovative business needs of the market.

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