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The effect of second-hand carbon reduction won international recognition again, and the transfer group showed up at the COP28 conference to become the first in China's industry.

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With the convening of the 28th United Nations Climate change Conference (hereinafter referred to as "COP28"), the eyes of the world are focused on the Middle East. On December 1, the theme of "Ecological Civilization and coping with Climate change" will be held in the China Corner to explore the relationship between ecological civilization and climate change from two aspects of ecological protection and sustainable consumption. The domestic circular economy head enterprise transfer group appeared at this meeting as an excellent case of sustainable consumption, and also became the first domestic platform enterprise in this field to participate in COP.

Unveiling COP28, recycling second-hand becomes an effective solution to climate change

As a crucial global climate summit this year, this COP28 has attracted a lot of attention.

In the side meeting on the theme of "Ecological Civilization and coping with Climate change", the discussion on the relationship between ecological protection, sustainable consumption and climate change triggered a hot debate. Zhuan Group appeared at this meeting as an excellent case of sustainable consumption, becoming the first platform enterprise in the field of circular economy to participate in the COP conference.

Chen Xiaochen, chairman of the Sustainable Development Committee of the transfer Group, pointed out that recycling second-hand can meet people's continuous pursuit of a better life without sacrificing the planet, which is not only an effective solution to climate change, but also an important path.

As a low-carbon environmental behavior with the widest public participation and the lowest barriers to participation, second-hand idle trading has great potential, she said. In the case of mobile phones, for example, a new mobile phone produces an average of 49kg carbon emissions throughout its life cycle, while 25kg carbon emissions can be reduced through the circulation of second-hand mobile phones, and even higher carbon emissions can be achieved by products such as tablets and household appliances. " Through the 'recycling' and 'reuse' of idle items, carbon emissions in the production of new products can be effectively reduced, and everyone can start with small actions such as buying a second-hand clothing and a second-hand mobile phone. participate in the carbon neutralization strategy, "Chen Xiaochen said, pointing to the second-hand clothes he was wearing.

Set up "official inspection" and join hands with the Universiade to create a new second-hand trading experience.

In order to promote second-hand circulation, turn around the "official inspection" to build a C2B2C platform, starting from the quality of goods, prices, supporting services and other aspects, to create a new second-hand trading experience. For example, through self-customized machine inspection standards, strict review of machine inspection process, output of quality inspection reports, etc., strict quality control, while providing consumers with standardized services such as 7-day unexplained return and one-year quality assurance to protect the rights and interests of users. In addition, Zhuan also sets up an "online + offline" three-dimensional recovery system through accurate pricing of digital technology to accelerate the circulation and utilization of second-hand goods.

In addition, this summer, Zhuan joined hands with the Chengdu Universiade to bring second-hand goods to the international competition stage for the first time, providing participating delegations with 10,000 "official inspection" second-hand mobile phone lending services free of charge. while giving a new connotation to the "Green Universiade", this measure has been widely concerned and praised by all parties.

Chen Xiaochen said that from its establishment to the end of 2022, the transfer Group has achieved a cumulative carbon emission reduction of 3.258 million tons, a cumulative energy consumption reduction of 4403 gigawatt hours, and a total turnover of 26 million second-hand books, equivalent to protecting 220000 forest and tree resources.

With the accumulation of many achievements, transfer has become an important force in the development of China's circular economy. Entering the COP28 stage is not only a demonstration of the successful practice of second-hand carbon inclusion by Chinese enterprises, but also shows the great potential of second-hand carbon reduction to the world, which helps to accelerate the popularization and promotion of carbon emission reduction actions, and inject new impetus into the global cause of tackling climate change.

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