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Baidu Wenxin one word plug-in Mall is online, providing mind mapping, video assistant and other functions

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Thank netizens soft media Xinyou 2203184 for the clue delivery!, December 14, "Baidu AI" official account announced that Wenxin Yiyan plug-in Mall has now been officially launched, with plug-ins covering office efficiency, multimodal content understanding generation, professional information query and other usage scenarios.

▲ source Baidu AI, according to the following introduction, users in the plug-in mall "click to install" to achieve PPT generation, audio and video extraction, mind map production and other multi-scene and multi-modal needs, the official said to be able to achieve the "command-as-a-service" experience.

Plug-ins currently available include mind mapping tools, PPT generators, and "video assistants" who can extract key video information by entering a URL. At the same time, users can also join the Wen Xin Yiyan developer community.

"plug-in Mall" needs to be opened through the Wenxin homepage-click "Select plug-ins"-click "plug-in Mall". This page can view or install plug-ins that have been on the shelf, and also support the management of installed plug-ins.

As previously reported by, Wen Xinyan launched five native plug-ins earlier this year: Baidu search, document browsing, E-word easy Picture, speaking Picture, and one Mirror Shadow. In addition to Baidu search, the official profiles of other native plug-ins are as follows:

Scrolling documents: the original ChatFile, you can complete the summary, question and answer, creation and other tasks based on the document.

A mirror streamer: AI text to video, from the subject words, sentences, paragraphs and other text description content, one-click creation to generate video.

E-language chart: based on Apache Echarts to provide you with data insight and chart production, currently supports bar chart, line chart, pie chart, radar chart, scatter chart, funnel chart, mind map (tree chart).

Speaking of illustrations: writing and answering questions based on pictures can help users write copywriters and think stories.

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