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Glory Mobile official announced joint Porsche design, Magic6 series is expected to carry

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Shulou( Report-- December 14 news, Honor Mobile today officially announced the linkage of Porsche design, slogan for "born for the vanguard".

Glory released a warm-up poster before the official announcement, in which Prof. F.A. Porsche, the first-generation Porsche 911 designer and founder of Porsche design, appeared with the caption "the best homage to the classic is to be the next classic".

It is worth mentioning that this is not the first time ▲ Tu Yuan Glory has preheated the Porsche design. Zhao Ming, Honor CEO, sent Weibo on December 12, with a number of photos related to Porsche models, with the caption saying, "reveal, the future can be seen!" . A number of users in the comment area believe that Glory is expected to launch a special customized version of the Magic6 Porsche phone.

In addition, the blogger Digital chat Station has previously revealed that the Glory Magic6 series will use a central double-hole four-curved screen design, while the standard and Pro models are expected to be a circular camera Deco, combining the lens arrangement of Magic5 and the trimming design of Mate X5. Magic6 "Super Cup" model adopts square sleeve circle design + trimming, and new Porsche design.

According to 's previous report, a glorious 5G phone with the model BVL-AN00 has passed the national 3C quality certification, which is expected to be glorious Magic6. The machine is manufactured by Changsha BYD, equipped with HN-110600C00 and HW-110600C02 chargers, and supports up to 66W fast charging.

To sum up the above information, the release time of Glory Magic6 series is approaching, interested friends can follow the follow-up report.

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Glory Zhao Ming hinted on Weibo that "the future is possible" and is expected to launch a Magic6 Porsche design version.

"it is reported that Porsche design has been added to the Honor Magic6 series of phones, with a double-hole and four-curved screen in the center."

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