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China Music and Digital Association: Super digital scene is the essential attribute of the game.

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From December 13 to 15, the 2023 Annual meeting of China Game Industry was held in Guangzhou. During the annual meeting, "re-cognition of the game" has become a focus topic. The China Association of Audio-Video and Digital Publishing and the Industrial and Cultural Development Center of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology jointly released the report "Super Digital scene Source Power-Game Technology and Innovation Application Research", pointing out that the Super Digital scene is accompanied by the development of digital technology. a new understanding of the nature of games Through more open scene connection, game technology releases huge digital productivity and creates more and more social value in more and more extensive social production fields.

The report puts forward the concept of supernumeration index for the first time and quantifies the cross-domain contribution rate of game technology. Among them, in 2022, game technology contributed 18.65%, 31.37%, 51.08%, 46.76%, 72.45% and 57.19% of cross-industry scientific and technological progress to chip, AI, cloud computing, mobile phone, XR, self-driving and other industries respectively.

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