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The first new force in China: the cumulative delivery of ideal cars exceeded 600000, taking 4 years.

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Thanks to netizens Pianke Saohuang 4100 eyes of clue delivery! news on December 14, ideal Motors announced that today, the 600000 customer delivery of ideal Automobile has been completed at the Beijing Shunyi delivery Center. The model delivered this time is the family's six-seat flagship SUV-ideal L9.

Ideal Motors said it took only 48 months (four years) to become the first Chinese new power car company to deliver 600000 vehicles.

According to the report on December 11, ideal Motor announced that it would sell 41800 vehicles in November, reaching its sales target of 300000 vehicles in 2023 ahead of schedule, and challenging its monthly sales target of 50,000 vehicles in December.

In November, ideal delivered 41030 new cars, an increase of 172.9% over the same period last year, including ideal L9 sales of 12200, ideal L8 sales of 12700 and ideal L7 sales of 16900. As of November 30, 2023, ideal cars have delivered a total of 325677 vehicles for the whole year.

The cumulative delivery volume of ideal L9, ideal L8 and ideal L7 has exceeded 100000 vehicles.

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