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The world's first capacitive touch display product, Lenovo thinkplus conference tablet p65 + goes on sale

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Recently, Lenovo thinkplus conference tablet p65 +, the world's first Shangxian product using OGM (One Glass Solution Metal Mesh, metal grid capacitive touch technology), officially went on sale at a price of 9999 yuan. As the first successful application of OGM touch technology in large-size commercial office, Lenovo thinkplus conference tablet p65 + carries OGM capacitive touch technology jointly created by Lenovo and BOE. Compared with the traditional infrared scheme, it has unique advantages such as smoother response speed, higher screen ratio, more eye-pleasing color and lighter fuselage, as well as its innovative technology and personalized customization. It meets the needs of enterprise users for efficient, accurate and diversified office and meetings, and sets a new benchmark for the business world.

Liu Jia, general manager of thinkplus business group of small and medium-sized enterprises in Lenovo China, said: "since its birth, Lenovo thinkplus has always adhered to 'customer-centered', focusing on enterprise customer application scenarios, to create a mixed office panoramic solution with the integration of hardware, software, service and platform. With the four advantages of intelligent hardware multi-functional integration, computing power upgrade, software certification and ecological cooperation, and three packages of plus services, Lenovo thinkplus has brought a stack of full-scene intelligent evolution for enterprise digital upgrading to reduce cost and increase efficiency. As the "pivotal core equipment" of mixed office, thinkplus conference panel carries the mission of improving local collaborative efficiency and remote efficient links. After enterprise users who need to run professional conference software for professional scenarios, thinkplus Tpro series products certified by professional conference software, and a new generation of S + series conference tablets for efficient office work for enterprise users in general conference scenarios, the thinkplus conference tablet P65 equipped with new OGM capacitor technology is expected to bring more comfortable conference and office experience for enterprise users.

The flat panel p65 + screen of Lenovo thinkplus conference adopts OGM capacitive touch technology. Compared with the traditional infrared scheme, the high precision touch scheme can not only provide more accurate touch control, but also put an end to the miscontact caused by the corner cuff when writing on the meeting plate. The screen not only supports up to 20:00 touch to facilitate multi-person cooperation, but also reduces the writing delay to less than 25ms, which is nearly 30% faster than infrared products, so that meetings can be written at will and notes can be taken smoothly.

Thanks to the touch screen full fitting technology, the Lenovo thinkplus conference flat panel p65 + is equipped with a 3840mm 2160 4K color screen, not only through the accurate color adjustment of DeltaE < 2, but also with a high display brightness of 350Nit, showing a gorgeous high color gamut and clear image, so that the meeting is not limited to the influence of light and dark environment light. In addition, the screen is certified by RWE T ü V low Blu-ray and eyesafe 2.0, which not only protects long meetings, but also protects users' eye health.

Based on the technical characteristics of OGM capacitive touch, the appearance of Lenovo thinkplus conference tablet p65 + has achieved epoch-making evolution. The borderless design of the three-sided limit makes the thinkplus conference flat panel p65 + get a screen share of up to 97.2%, showing more shocking visual effects for users.

Lenovo thinkplus conference flat panel p65 + body is also fully advanced, the thinnest place is only 13mm, not only the back is flat and wireless, but also the innovative use of gun gray frosted metal design, bringing it a more elegant texture. Lenovo thinkplus conference flat p65 + won the 2023 Red Dot Award Red Dot Award with its industry-leading pioneer design.

In addition, Lenovo thinkplus conference tablet p65 + function is more practical, the new modular design, can bring greater flexibility for enterprise users. Equipped with a pluggable split camera, a 4K 120-degree viewing angle of 1300 megapixels, and an 8-array intelligent noise reduction microphone, high-quality video and audio communications can be achieved.

At the level of function expansion, Lenovo thinkplus conference tablet p65 + embraces a variety of connection modes, providing greater flexibility for meetings, while supporting wired and wireless screen casting, users can choose the most appropriate connection mode according to their needs, and achieve fast connection of devices, audio and video device management, two-way interaction between conference tablets and notebooks, as well as file sharing and other functions, bringing a more efficient collaboration experience for meetings. With Lenovo thinkplus's 180-degree camera, multiple zoom head camera, omni-directional wheat and other audio and video conferencing expansion options, it will meet the efficient needs of corporate office and conference scenarios of different sizes. In addition, the p65 + also supports Android / Windows dual system switching, and can be equipped with OPS pluggable module or Lenovo Tiny PC drive-free pluggable host module, which can not only improve conference computing performance, but also achieve more software ecological support.

In terms of services, Lenovo thinkplus provides three packages of plus services for conference tablets, providing "package express service" for customers to initiate installation needs to door-to-door service, and "package meeting service" for one-to-one door-to-door training and consultation for conference tablets and surrounding options (limited to 33 major cities) And provide value-added services such as extended warranty, broken screensaver, accident insurance, broken screen for new protection, 5pm online question and answer room and other value-added services, and launch three packets of plus Mini Program at the same time. Compared with the traditional way of calling service, you can get desk-to-desk service with a little fingertip on Mini Program. On Mini Program, you can quickly understand the service stage through the visualization of the service process.

In terms of platform, Lenovo thinkplus, relying on the ecology of the big screen field and Lenovo Baiying's App capability support, launched the conference tablet program center. Provide the App store for users to obtain paid ISV adaptation software at preferential prices; provide a new business and revenue model for the channel side, so that channels can obtain the commission realized by thinkplus in the process of expanding ISV software; for ISV vendors, provide access to the core position of thinkplus conference tablet users, from software pre-installation, software recommendation, to software certification and radiation coverage, to create business opportunities More thinkplus brand end, to achieve an important iteration of the business model, to create a "user, channel, ISV, thinkplus" four-dimensional open platform to achieve innovation ecology in the field. More sincerely invite more ISV manufacturers to join the "Navigator Alliance Program" of in-depth cooperation.

Lenovo thinkplus conference tablet p65 +, with its new interaction, ultimate appearance, seamless interconnection and modular design and other product advantages, has gradually become a "must-choose terminal" for business meetings and office collaboration. Lenovo thinkplus meeting tablet p65 + has been fully sold in Lenovo Enterprise purchase, Lenovo Mall, Lenovo thinkplus Conference tablet self-operated flagship store, Lenovo thinkplus Merchant Show self-operated flagship store, Lenovo partner Network (BPP), Lenovo Intelligence Business Fusion Store and offline channels, and the price is 9999 yuan. Welcome to buy and experience!

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